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Chapter 73 Will I ever be happy?

  • Rahman was telling the story. Abu saw it and smiled. It has been two years since Nadia left them all. However, Rahman was finding a way to live. He was happy that Rahman did not break down. If Abu was in his shoes, he must have gone crazy. He still remembered when Mary was stabbed two years ago. He was shouting like a mad man. However, Rahman, he survived. Abu knew that Rahman smiled in front of everyone. But he was crying inside. However, he never let anyone see it. Abu looked at the sky and thought why God is cruel enough to let these two lovers separated from one another. He sighed and went outside. He shouted, “I am going to see -" before he could finish, the little girl replied, "Your wife. We know." Abu laughed. This little devil is the one who keeps Rahman alive until now. Rahman pinched her cheek and asked, "Angel, where did you learn this?" "O, come on. Abu's uncle went to see his wife whenever he got the chance. I do not get why they work in different places. They should work at the same place so that we don't have a problem tracking them." Rest laughed at Abu indeed ran to his wife every chance he got. But both are professionals in their work. So no one complains about them. Well, except this little angel. Rahman said, "It's because he loves her. That's why he went to see her." "Then what about you? Why don't you go to see her?" Angel asked. All became silent. Everyone knew that Rahman hated it when they talked about her. However, this angel was not afraid of anyone. Rahman said, "I will meet her." "When." "Soon," Rahman replied. "I don't believe you," Angel said. "What should I do to make my angel believe in me?" Rahman said. "Take me with you. If I saw her with my own eyes, then I would believe you." Abu wanted to say something, but Rahman raised his hand. He looked at Angel and said, "You want to meet her." she nodded her head in excitement. "Okay, I will take you there." Angel immediately hugged him and said, "Thank you. I love you." Rahman hugged her and said, "Me too." Angel ran inside the house and told everyone that she would meet with her. Abu said, "Rahman, why did you agree? She is just a child." "She asked for it, and she has a genuine interest, so I let her know." "Okay, as per your wish. But will you be okay?" Abu asked. "I will be fine. You go and prepare for our visit." "Okay. I will" Abu left to let others know about Rahman's visit.
  • Rahman came inside the house. Lille came and said, "why did you agree with her?”It is all right. She wanted to see her for quite some time." "Don't spoil her more. She hardly listens to mother and me." Rahman laughed and said, "Come on. You know that no one can say no to her. She holds that much power." Lille nodded and said, "That’s why I am afraid. But I hope she will be happy in her life." "Angel will be. She has all of us." Lille nodded. "So, you are going." Rahman sighed and said, "Yes, I will." Lille hugged him and said, "Stay strong, brother."Rahman only nodded. Because he knew, it was hard to be strong all the time.
  • ~In the laboratory~
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