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Chapter 48 Rahman stabs Abu

  • Abu remembered what Mary said. Now the biggest question is can he do it? He saw all four Rahman running towards him. He began to run. He came to stop in front of a lake. He was taking a deep breath. Abu shouted in his mind "Think Abu think. How can you break the medium?" The break from hallucinations you have to break the medium. But if you failed to do, it and you died in hallucinations due to any mishap. Then you will die in reality. That is why Mary was hesitant to tell him. Abu ran quite a lot. He was thinking about drinking water. Then he looked at the lake. It has a reflection of the moon. It was a full moon. However, Abu knows it was fake. At that time, it was not a full moon. But for some reason, he kept looking at the moon. Moon is connected to werewolves. They believe in the Moon Goddess. He was thinking about it but all four Rahman surrounded him. He was thinking of a way to break free from it. Then all the things became clear. On the new moon, they can transform into werewolves and remain like that. So when Abu saw the full moon and still lake he understood the medium of this hallucination. He picked a branch from nearby and jumped on the lake. All the Rahman went near him but did not follow him. Abu started to swim and went near the moon reflection on the lake. He took out the branch and stabbed the water where it reflected the Full moon. All the werewolves shouted and slowly they disappeared. Abu took a breath and came back to the lakeside. He stood up and blinked. He opened his eyes and saw he was standing near the mirror. He looked around and muttered, "I am back." He remembered Mary saying, “It is to find the medium and break it. Like voices. You will continue to hear the same voice repeatedly. If you destroy the source of that voice, you can come out from hallucinations. And for a mirror, you can see a mirror or mirror-like things in for hallucinations. So break the medium you will break free from hallucinations." After Abu entered into that forest. He saw the lake and moon. These two were always there wherever he went. Therefore, he thought it was the medium that also acts as a mirror. Therefore, he stabbed to break free. He looked around and said "Thank you, Mary. You saved me today." He went to another floor. This time he came across more werewolves. He fought. But it seemed like it would never end. He was fighting when he saw Rahman run towards him. He was badly injured. Abu went near him and asked, "What happened?" Then he felt a stabbing pain in his stomach. He looked down and saw Rahman stabbed him with a dagger. Abu touched Rahman and he vanished into the air. He understood that it was a fake projection but the dagger was real. He pulled out the dagger and threw it away. He coughed and took an uneven breath. The blood poured out continuously. He looked around to find help or anything but got nothing. Slowly his vision started to blur and little by little, he lost his consciousness.
  • Val was looking for Nadia and could not find her. She was thinking he was what to do when he saw people coming toward him. He could not see clearly. When they finally came near him, he saw that it was his mother and Sristy. He was shocked and asked "Mother?"What are you doing here? No; who are you?" "You don't remember us?" His mother asked in a sad tone. "No, but you can't be here?" Val said. "Why? We are here. We will live together" Val's mother said. "We are here, Val. Now we can live together. No one can separate us," Sristy said. Val looked towards them and said, "you have no idea how much I missed you." Sristy said, "I know. So let's live together." Val nodded and walked toward them. But he remembered his promise to his father. He remembered his promise to hope. He said, "I can't go now. I will fulfill my promise and return to you." He stepped back. In addition, both his mother and Sristy attacked him. His mother is a powerful vampire. She was pure blood just like Val. And now Sristy could fight too. Val fought with them. His mother could use Ice magic. She froze the whole floor. Val also fought back. But he could not harm them. He understood that it was not his mother or Sristy but still he could not harm them. He tried to freeze both but his mother could not be frozen. And Sristy is using fire. He was confused. He wanted to defeat them but not to kill them.
  • He remembered something. In the past; when his mother was alive she used to train him. She said that she could use any power and any form in ice magic but she could not master Ice block. Val asked, "What is Ice block?" "It is the highest power in Ice magic. In here, you can freeze any Ice magician. In addition, it can purify any things. However, you have to be careful. Cause it will harm you." His mother explained. "Will we die; if we use ICE blocker?" Val asked. "No my dear. As it is not taboo. But will harm you if you fail to do it. Any it required more cultivation." After that, he practiced hard. And after his mother died, all he did was practice. Finally, master his Ice blocker power. He never used it. Looking at his mother and Sristy. He does not want to use it. And it will lower his power. His mother again attacked. He blocked it. However, Sristy came forward and tried to stab him. He moved back. He was breathing heavily. Her mother said, "Just give up. Why are you trying so hard? You can be with us with your father. There is no one in this world?" Val stopped inhaling and looked at them. They are right. There is no one. Then for whom he is fighting so much. He lost his parents; lover; even his child. Sristy and his mother continued to persuade him. He was hypnotized by their voice and a unique smell. He started to walk forward. But suddenly someone pulled him. "Snap out of it"
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