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Chapter 59 I want to be free

  • A few hours ago
  • Hope was looking at the window. She heard a knock and went to the main door. She opened the door and saw two girls were standing before her. She asked, "Who are you?" "We are sent by the king. We are here to serve you all." "Okay, come in" She moved back and let them enter the room. "Nice to meet you, Madam," Both girls said and bowed. Hope felt uncomfortable. She was severe in her mother's restaurant. She never got respect from others or the bow. She lived a humble life. She was happy with all this until her cursed power made her lost everything. She thought of herself as cursed. Because of her ability, she lost her loved one. She was thinking about it when she felt a sudden pain in her chest. She felt like someone ripped her heart out from her body. She clenched her chest and sat on the sofa. Suddenly she felt the burning sensation on her wrist. She looked at it. It was burning in air condition. What happened to Val? As it connected both of them. She could feel his pain. Maybe he is in danger. She thought. So she used her magic to be connected with him. She used her magic to transport her spirit to another place. People around her thought she might fall asleep. But in reality, her spirit left her body. But it must not be for too long. Or it will be a threat to her life. She was transported through a thread connecting her and Val. When she reached the place, she saw he was fighting or being beaten by two women. One was a beautiful woman with white hair. She must be a vampire. And another was a girl with black hair brown eyes. She is lovely and young. Val said something about mom and Sristy. So they were his mom and his girlfriend. But weren't they dying long ago? What are they doing here? She felt the power of both of them and understood it is an illusion, and they were Val's illusion. She said, "snap out of it," and talked with Val. She used a protective shield to protect them. She saw that Val could easily win, but he hesitated. She understood that he loved them. She looked at his mom and Sristy. She felt unknown jealousy toward them. They have a person who cannot even harm them in illusion. She came back to her body. She intakes a deep breath and wakes up. She was weak. One maid came to her and asked, “You are awake. I tried many times to wake you up. But I couldn't." "It's ok. I was tired. So I did not wake up. You don't have to worry about me." "Can we get you something?" "No need. Let me lied down for a minute." "Okay." She left. Hope thought, 'I want to rest. When this ends, I will go someplace and rest.' She wants to sleep. She is tired from all this fighting. She wanted to find peace. She was sad because she saw Val's mother. She tried to hug her mother before her mother died. Tell her that she loved her. But cruel faith does not lead her to have her mother. She did not even know her original parents. She always wanted to know them. Why they left her? How did she have so much power? Does she have any siblings? A scream distributed the chain of thought. She looked up and saw five people enter the house. All were coming towards her. She stood up and wanted to run away. But one held her wrist and pulled her. She screamed and thrust. But he was strong. So she used fire to burn his hand. He cried and threw her. She fell on the floor. Another was about to come near her. She used earth magic to make him stop. The concrete under his feet wrapped around him. He was unable to move. Another came. She was a girl. She used swords to attack Hope. Hope dodged it and moved back. But she came toward Hope. She moved back a little and saw a glass jar. She threw it on her. They fight more. More came. They attacked her. She was weak to fight more people. Two maids fought with them. But both were injured. She attacked two by using spells. But someone hit her from behind. She lost her balance and felt like the whole world was spinning. She was about to fall when someone held her. He picked her up. One maid was still conscious. She tried to stop them, but one girl knocked her out. They took hope and left the house.
  • Hope heard a sound. It was like someone was walking by pressing a key on the car wall. The sound was disturbing. Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. It sounds just like this. She hated it. She tried to make it stop. She murmured, "Stop it." But no one stopped the noise. The scratching sound increased. Finally, she understood it was not because someone was making this noise. It was because she heard it due to a hit in the head. She tried to open her eyes. With great difficulty, she opened her eyes. She could not see anything. She was thinking, 'did they make her blind?' "But why would they kidnap her?" She was not powerful or influential. She looked around. She was sitting on a wooden chair. She was tied near her chest, hands, and feet. She tried to remove the rope. She even tried to cast spells. "All these methods were fruitless. Rope will be more tightened if you try to cast a spell." A person said. Hope felt that the rope was tightened more around her hand. So she stopped moving. "Who are you? Why did you kidnap me? What do you want from me?" "So many questions. You are more like your mother than to your father." Hope tried to look at the person. She felt like she heard this voice before. But she could not pinpoint it. When she listened to the word mother and father, she asked, "Do you know my father and mother?" "Yes, I do." Hope wanted to see, but due to darkness, she could not see her. "Who are you?" "Good question." She said. Hope heard the approaching steps of her. She looked at her. The footsteps stopped near her. Hope turned up to see the person, and when she saw her, she could not believe her eyes. It is an illusion. How can she be here? With a biting heart Hope asked, "You?" The woman smiled and said, "Hi, it's been a long since we last met." And give a cynical smile.
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