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Chapter 54 The cursed witch

  • "Yes. At least you remember. I thought you would never remember,” her Dadi said. "How come you are still alive?" Nadia asked. "Why? You do not like to see me. You changed. You used to run and hug me whenever you see me. But now you are asking me how am I alive?" Dadi said in a sad tone. "Please tell me," Nadia begged. She was crying as she was feeling like the next answer would break her completely. "Okay. Let me tell you. Where should I start? It is such a long story. Hum... first let us introduce. I am Naomi Chowdhury, the descendant of warrior and witch. Wait, you do not know about them. They have the highest power in the world. The witch was powerful and he killed people and created war against God. He wanted to rule the world. Then God sent the warrior. She was married to the witch. And later she killed the witch, as she did not want the witch to win. Everyone knows this. The witch died and the warrior left everything behind. However, the truth is, the warrior was pregnant at that time. The witch knew it and he put a protective shield on the warrior. Therefore, God could not kill the warrior. And she gave birth to a male child. And this goes on. The child of the witch has enormous power. They can rule like us. We have the power. But after many years with mixed blood, we are getting weak. At that time, my father gave birth to me. Do you want to know when I was born? 75 years ago. On the same date, Bindi saw the vision. However, at that time she missed me as my dad sealed my power. She and the witch society never got me. Later I always hide my power. And I married your grandfather. A witch and almost pure-blood witch. With his power and mine, your mother was more powerful. However, it was not enough. To fight against all I need a media who can take all the power. From witch, vampire, werewolf. Therefore, I searched for a person who has mixed blood and I came across your father. He had both vampire and werewolf blood. So I killed his parents but he was there. I erased his memory and made him an orphan. Because if they were alive they would not agree. I let him live in the orphanage and I used to take your mother there. I deliberately made them come across. Thank god, both your mom and dad fall in love with each other. I married your mother. And waited for your arrival. But I learnt that she is giving birth to two. So my plan had to change. I planned to kill your mother and took your power from her wombs. But no, your father has to get in the way. He learnt that I use power. Moreover, he remembered that I killed his parents. I do not know how he came to know. He was saying God and spirit let him see. Poor him. He should have seen his death was coming. ``
  • Dadi gave a deep sigh. She went to a tea table. It has a jar and glass. She took the glass and moved her hand above the glass. And the glass filled with water. She held the glass and looked at Nadia. Nadia was trying to understand all this. She became stone. She did not understand all of this happened because of her Dadi. Her grandmother was the reason for all this. Dadi saw Nadia's state and laughed. She said "Relax. I have more to tell. So where were we? Yes, your father remembered everything and he said he would tell everything to Mena, your mother. Therefore, I brainwashed him. I made him my doll. I sent him to the shopping centre and caused an accident. Your father died. I didn't need him after you were conceived." Nadia started to cry more. She was thinking what she would do. How could she do all this to her parents and grandparents? She is a monster. Nadia said, "You are a monster. How could you kill so many people and manipulate them for your own purpose?"
  • Dadi went near her and held her chin tightly. "It is not for me. Many died to let us live. Do you know how many ancestors died to fulfill the witch's wish? His wish to rule the world. How should I let it go? It is our legacy." "Then what about warrior legacy? She too sacrificed for you. Then what about her?" Nadia asked back. "She was wrong. She should never come. Because of her, the witch could not win. However, I will say he was a fool. He loved her and she betrayed him. He died because he fell in love. You too. You want to fight because you are in love with Rahman. But will you be able to live in his pack? You will be neglected and finally, he will throw you away." Nadia looked at Dadi and said, "You don't know the meaning of love. Love is not about balance, right or wrong. It happened. I thought you loved me. You were the reason I was alive. But you killed my father. You killed my family."
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