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Chapter 39 My king, Val

  • Val felt cold water was thrown at him. He stood up and looked at the most irritating person in the world. "Why are you here? And can't you knock?" Hope looked at the person she hated. "I have no manners. Sorry. Please forgive me, prince. As I am not a princess, I gave no idea of rules and manner. Happy?" She said sarcastically. Val said, "Tell me what is the reason you have to wake me up in this grand style. If it is not worthy I will suck out all your blood." "Cranky granny. '' Hope said. "I heard you'' Val replied.”Here" Hope made a transparent screen in the air and it showed many burned places. People were running; crying and begging. Building collapsed. Werewolves and vampires killing people. "It is all over the news in every channel. If we do not announce our existence and say that we do not want to kill innocent people then we will be doomed. We need to collaborate with humans. In addition, safeguard ourselves. If not we will be killed by humans or they will be killed by us." "You are right but didn't you want to go to war?" Val asked. "I do but not to harm innocent people; also if we help then people will accept us more easily. I want people to know about us and accept us. Not to use us as slaughtering a pig." "Did you ever see anyone in the experiment?" Val asked. Hope nodded and pulled out her hand "here" Val saw cut the other day when he saved her. However, he thought her self-harm herself. He never thought humans would do that to her. Then she started to remove clothes. "What are you doing?" Val asked. Hope said "look" Val looked at her bareback. It was burnt. She made a beautiful rose and thorns around it. But still, the burnt mark is visible. "They try to burn me. But then they thought I could be a good experiment material. They used me in every possible way. Not me but everyone who was captured. I did not drink a drop of water for 68 days. They gave us supplements through injections." Val saw that her shoulder was shaking. He could not see her face but could not tell she was holding her tears. He took a duvet and covered her bareback. "I am sorry that you went through so much." Hope covered her with a duvet and said, "It is nothing compared to seeing your mother getting a bullet in the head. Or killing our own lover." Val understood that Hope went through a lot. "Now all I want is to have the right so that no one will suffer like me. Will you help me?" Hope asked. "I will '', Val, promised. He promised to make those suffer who harm her. Hope nodded. Suddenly Roy entered the room. Val pulled Hope toward him and hugged her. Roy was shocked. He saw Val was hugging a woman in a broad daylight. That was a miracle. "Who is this lovely lady that was hugged and protected by our prince?" Roy teased. He did not know it was Hope. Hope tried to break free from his hug. She hissed and said, "Leave me." "Do you want to show your body to Roy?" Val said in a low volume. "So what? You saw it. So why can't he? In addition, I am covering. '' Val felt unknown jealousy after hearing it. He felt like he might puck out Roy's eye if he ever looked at Hope. Why did he feel like that? He was pounding over it when Roy said "okay. You will not let me see. She is all yours. However, you need to hurry. The meeting will start soon" Roy was about to go out when Hope shouted from behind "I will attend the meeting. Save a seat for me." Roy looked back and asked "Hope?" Val shouted, "Get out; now." Roy hurriedly got out of the room. Val pushed Hope. She lost her balance and fell on the bed. Roy came over to her and said, "What are you? Monkey? How could you just do that?" Hope looked at him and said, "Yes; I am a monkey. So what? Now dinosaurs move. I have to get ready. “Val later understood they were in an awkward position. He stood up. Hope stood and went to Val's washroom. Val saw it and sighed. He looked at the bed and remembered her brown hair scattered around the sheet and she was looking angrily with her big ash eyes. She looked cute when she was angry. That is why he loved to make her angry. He smiled to himself and stopped. He face palms him. He said "Val; you are crazy. You think she is beautiful. “Then he remembered her slim black. With an hourglass curve. Her narrow shoulder. In addition, her softness when he hugged her. He could remember every detail he saw and felt. He smiled and agreed, "she is beautiful.” In addition, remembered that she said. He vowed to get revenge for her.
  • Hope went to the washroom. She was blushing. She never showed her body. However, today she just wanted to show it to Val. She heard that Val dad died. She wanted him to know not only that he suffered many more sufferings. And more will suffer if they do not take measures. But when she removed her cloth, she felt an unknown shyness. She dated her boyfriend. But she never kissed. All she did was a hug and hold hands. In addition, when Val covered her, she felt so protected. It has been 2 years since she felt this much protected. Katarina helped her but the protective feel she got was something she could not describe. In addition, when Val hugged her to stop Roy from seeing her body was so cute. 'Wait. Cute and Val? Hope you are crazy?' hope thought. However, she then remembered his body and his cold body when he hugged her. She did not know Vampire could be this cold. And his solid muscle. Hope faced Palm herself and said, “I am crazy.” However, the redness in her cheeks remained. She got out of the washroom and saw Val was standing near the window. Hope went near him and called out "Val" he looked at her. She bowed in front of him and said, "Greeting My new vampire king. From today, you will be our new king and paved the way. I hope you will be Known as a wise, benevolent and kind king. May the entire God's bless you?" Val understood that she wanted him to move on and do his job. Also by addressing our king, she is saying that she will support him. He felt proud and happy. He said, "You may rise. Thank you, Hope. You really bring Hope to people. “Hope smiled and said, "Thank you; my king." "Won't you call me Val?" Val asked. "Sorry. From now on, I will not. You are king and I will respect it. Please allow me." "Okay. But I am sure one day you will call me by my name." Hope smiled and said, "When you will call me by my real name I will call you by your real name." Both chuckled and moved towards the door.
  • Towards the better future which all hope for. For a better future which all deserve. Hey, my dear lovely readers, if you read my book please comment and let me know. And add it to your library. Love you all.
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