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Chapter 71 THANK YOU

  • Rahman heard Abu speaking to him. He told Rahman to give this new circle to Nadia. It will help them to transform their power. Rahman connected with Nadia. She was fighting. So she cannot be distracted. She was already injured. She could hardly stand up. Her two fingers were broken. She can see from her left eyes. And she felt like she got serious internal injuries. She vomits out blood. Rahman saw it and ran toward her. Naomi pushed him away with her power. But he again stood up and ran toward Nadia. This time when she used magical power, Val stopped it. Rahman went near Nadia and said, "We have a solution. Mary sent us another circle through which we can transfer power." Nadia nodded. And Rahman shares the circle with her. Nadia said, "I need minutes to connect with all and get their power." "We will cover you." Rahman said and stood up. Both Rahman and Val fight with Naomi. She said, "I am getting bored. Let's end this." Nadia closed her eyes and tried to connect with everyone. And Naomi said, "Hell king, please lend me your power. Let me rule the world, and I will sacrifice all the magical power of this world." The sky became black. The wind started to blow more. Nadia almost flew away with the wind, but Hope made a shield around her. Hope was recovering. Though she felt weak but still had enough power to fight some more. Val and Rahman looked at the sky. They saw a bolt of lightning directly fall on Naomi. The lighting was so strong that it threw them a few meters away. But Naomi remained under the lightning. Val said, "We need to stop her." "We can't. It is too powerful. It will kill us all." Rahman said. He looked toward Nadia and said, "Hurry up, Nadia." Nadia was concentrating on all the people around her. She saw that she was in the middle. And all the people are surrounding her. She said through a mind link, "Please lend me your power. So that we have a better future." All people saw the circle in their minds. They placed themselves there and transferred their power. Both Nadia and Naomi opened their eyes. Naomi's eyes turned black. Even her sclera became black. On the other hand, Nadia's eyes turned to a golden hue. Both looked at each other and pushed their hands forward. The power was coming from their hand. Nadia's was multiple colors. It represented the power of different people. On the other hand, Naomi's was black. It represents the darkness. Both powers made the earth crack. There was a vertical crack in between them. People felt earthquakes. All the people came out on the road. They all looked at the sky. It turned pitch black. They were afraid. Children were crying. Elders were praying for their safety. All the bells in the church rang. All the bells on the temple rang. It made the crawling sensation under the skin. People knew that something big was happening. Many buildings collapsed due to the earthquake. Many road crackdowns. People died in foot stamping. The earth was in chaos. In the middle of it, near an abandoned building in Bangladesh, Nadia and Naomi are fighting. Almost all send their power, but Nadia cannot hold all the power. She was losing her strength. She started to feel lightheaded. Hope noticed it and said, "I need to help her." "But how can you?" Rahman asked. "I can. Because I am her sister." She went near Nadia. However, the power did not let her get close to Nadia. She looked at Rahman and Val and said, "Put both of your power inside me" "you will die if it goes wrong," Val said. Hope looked at him and said, "Trust me." Then she gave her power to Nadia. Rahman and Val gave their power to Hope. Hope held their power and transferred it to Nadia. Nadia felt like someone was sharing her power. She tried to look back and saw Hope was sharing her power with her. Hope said to Val, "Transfer half power of people to me and a half to Nadia." Val nodded, and the mind was lined with people. Half people send Nadia their power, and the rest send it to Hope. As they both share the power, they both put forth their power. Soon their power tenfold, and finally, their power reached Naomi. As soon as the power rays touched her, Naomi started to burn. And finally, she burned fully. Naomi collapsed. Nadia and Hope stopped. They were taking a rigorous breath. They both looked at each other. Both have the same question in their eyes. Did they win? Rahman and Val came near them. Rahman asked, "Is it the end?" Nadia did not say anything. She took a hesitant step toward her grandmother. When they got there, they saw her grandmother burnt badly. She looked towards the four, and she said, "You win." Nadia sat on the ground beside her grandmother. She said, "Yes, we did. Like my grandmother used to tell me, righteous always win." Naomi looked at Nadia. She remembered when Nadia was little; she used to teach her good manners. In addition, she used to say, "Those who are truthful they will always win." She smiled and said, “You remember." "I do. I remember everything my grandmother said." By saying this, Nadia indicated that the person in front of her is not her grandmother. "Yes. She was a good person. I am sorry that I killed her." Her grandmother said. "Yes. For this, I will never forget you. But you must remember the grandmother who raised me; no matter what she did, I still love her nevertheless." Nadia's voice broke at the end. Yes, she indeed killed all her parents and grandparents. However, she was the one who brought her up. She was the one with whom Nadia spent 18 years of her life. Many first things were with her. So no matter how bad her grandmother is, deep down, he still loves that grandmother who cried when she had a fever, that grandmother who stayed by her side in a thunderstorm. She will love that grandmother forever. Naomi looked at her and said, "Thank you." Moreover, she turned into ashes. Nadia looked at the ashes. With her shaky hand, she touched the ash. However, the wind blows away all the ash. It scattered into the earth. It traveled all over the world.
  • Nadia cried and said, "Why did you thank me? What is it you are thankful about? Come and tell me. Come….." she cried. Hope held her shoulders and said, "Stop crying. Maybe she was thankful that you freed her from her responsibility. Her responsibilities to rule the world. Or thankful that you still love her. We will never know." Nadia cried and hugged hope. She said, “I love her. Is it wrong to love her?" Hope said, "No. Loving someone is not a crime." Nadia cried some more, and suddenly she started to vomit. I hope you saw it. Rahman instantly came near Nadia. He asked, "What happened?" Hope said, "I don't know." Nevertheless, Nadia kept on vomiting, and soon she lost consciousness. Rahman took her in his lap. He kept calling, "Nadia, Nadia." Val came and felt her pulse. "Her pulse is falling," Val said. Hope to check her power. She said her energy is decreasing. Rahman said, "What can we do?" Hope touched Nadia's heart and pushed power directly inside her. She pulls more emphasis and gives it to her. After giving her almost half of her power, Nadia opened her eyes. She looked at Rahman and said, "Rahman." "Yes, I am here," Rahman, said. He touched her hair. Nadia said, "I am going."
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