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Chapter 70 DEAD END

  • Hope saw that Nadia was fighting the woman who showered her. She went near her and said a spell. It knocked her. The woman fainted. Nadia and Hope looked at each other. They were about to get close when the earth cracked. The building crashed down. Nadia pulled a shield around her and Hope. She landed on the ground near the collapsed building. Both looked at the collapsed build. Nadia shouted, "Rahman '' and she saw Rahman was fighting with one man. She looked at her grandmother. Naomi was breathing heavily. She said, "Good, now that you both are here, you will die together. Isn't it ironic? You never knew you are sisters, but now that you know, you will die together." She laughed like a maniac. "No. You are mistaken. Today someone will die, but it is not us but you. You will pay for what you did." Naomi laughed and said, "You are not powerful enough to kill me." In addition, she moved both her hands. A wind ball was made inside her hand. She throws the ball at Nadia. Bur Nadia throws another wind ball towards her. Naomi was shocked. Nadia said, "Lora taught me" hearing Lora's name, she became surprised. She said, "You went to the spirit realm." "Correct. I went to the spiritual realm." Nadia said. Both engaged in a fight. Naomi and Nadia were fighting. Hope was too weak to fight. Therefore, Nadia made a protective shield around her. Hope saw both fighting. When she felt someone hug her, she wanted to kick that person, but when she felt the breathing on her neck, she knew it was Val. She said, "You arrived." "Yes, sorry for being late." He said in a hoarse voice. Hope saw blood in his hand. Therefore, she knows that he met with Roy. "You met with him, ' Val nodded. She put her hand on him. Val hugged her more tightly. "Should we help?" Hope asked. We will when the time comes. Rahman already took both men down. He came forward to attack Naomi with Nadia. Both fought. When Val said, "Hope, did you share power with Nadia?" "Yes. How did you know?" "I can sense it." Rahman attacked Naomi with full force. Val said, "I will join the party. You stay here" Hope nodded. Moreover, Val attacked Naomi. Nadia saw that Naomi was busy with both of them, so she closed her eyes and tried to contact people worldwide. She could sense Bindi, Mary, and rest, but she could not discern any magical power from them. Nadia was confused about this. She draws a circle around everyone and tries to connect. However, no control was transferred to her. She looked at Naomi. She saw she was looking at Nadia. "Dear, you think I was born yesterday? I knew about your plan and nullified all the circles. No one can invert it and make a new circle to protect you." Nadia felt like all the hope was lost. She felt like crying, but she held it down. Naomi used strong wind magic and threw Rahman and Val on different sides. Both Nadia and Hope shouted, "Rahman." "Val '' they stood up. Both were injured. Nadia launched at her grandmother. Both used spell after spell to fight. Rahman and Val also fight, but they know that soon they will lose. If they do not use the magic to kill her, she will kill them all. With his dilemma, they fought with Naomi.
  • ~On the witch headquarter~
  • Bindi was searching for more people. She directed many people to fight all over the world. She was busy. When she saw Mary coming near her, she said, "We are under attack." Bindi stood up and said, "Gather all. We must fight." Mary, Bindi, Abu, and others came forward and fought. There are many who are under the influence. Mary and Abu use wind spells to spread the potion. It started to work on them. They become happy. Bindi said, "Now the only thing is to kill Naomi." She checked her circle and saw that it was weak. She became confused and asked Mary to check her. Mary checked and saw that her circle was almost gone. Bindi said, "Someone must have tampered with the circle."
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