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Chapter 60 Twin sisters

  • "You are Nadia's grandmother. How can you be alive?" Hope asked. She could not believe she was seeing the person who died in front of her. "Yes, I plotted it. I need to use a massive amount of magic, and for that, I need to sacrifice myself. In addition, I wanted to break down Nadia's conferences. But it looked like it did not work. "Why is Nadia? Where did you put her?" Hope asked. She tried to look around to see Nadia. Grandmother saw it and said, "There is no use. She is no more." Hope turned her head toward Nadia's grandmother. "What did you say?" She asked. Grandmother said, "She is dead. She killed herself in front of me." "No, it can't be. All of them went to look for her. They promised that they would bring her back." Hope did not know why she was feeling so helpless. She felt like someone ripped her heart. She did not know Nadia. But the moment she saw her, she felt connected with Nadia. She did not know if they share any bond, but she wanted to protect Nadia. She said, "You are lying. She must be alive. Tell me, why you wanted to kill her. She is your granddaughter. How could you think of harming her.?" "Yes. She is my granddaughter. So are you." Grandmother looked and repeated, "You are my granddaughter, Payal. You are the twin sister of Nadia." Hope could not comprehend what grandmother was talking about. She is Nadia's twin. How could it be possible? "What happened? Still in shock?" Grandmother asked. Hope was beyond shocked. She was terrified. All this time, she wanted to know her parents. At last, she finds her family but in this form. Where her grandmother killed her sister. "How can you be sure that I am your granddaughter?" "It was easy. I manipulated your mother to give up one child and transfer all power to one child. I disguised it as a sealed power. I said that your grandfather discovered it and told her to give up her life for one child. And I put all the magic power from her to Nadia. And on the new moon your mother gave birth, bindi decides to save Nadia. And told Anny to throw you away. I got the chance and threw you into the dustbin. From there you are sent to an orphanage. You went to the orphanage. But you were bullied, so I give your adopted mother some money. She brought you for the money." Hope remembered her mother said she got a scholarship for her exams and found them due to their poor condition. So she was the one who was behind all this. Hope asked, "What do you want from me? Do you want me to kill me?" Grandmother went to the back of Hope's chair. She put both her hands on Hope's shoulders and said near her ears, "You are right. I am here to kill you and absorb your power." Hope eyes get big. Taking power from others is the darkest magic. "Why do you want to kill me? Do you love to get powerful?" "Yes. And because it is our legacy to rule the world." Grandmother replied. "Our legacy.” Hope asked. "Oh, I forgot you don't know it. Have you heard of the great witch? Who wanted to conquer the world?" Hope remembered Bindi was telling something about it. So Hope nodded. "Yes. We are the descendants of the witch. And we are born to rule the earth. And for that, I need to have the power to control all the realms. I got power from Nadia. Now waiting for your power. When I complete the power, all will come to an end. I will win, and war will end soon." Grandmother said. "You will never win. To win, you need to have a heart. To rule the world, you do not need power but love. But sadly, you do not have anything like that. You only learn to do fraud. You only learn to kill and hurt people. So you will never rule the world. Maybe you did not see the ending of the witch's life. He died. So shall you." Grandmother laughed loud. "I like you more than Nadia. But sadly, soon I have to kill you. I cannot keep a people who can threaten my throne. Just wait a little bit more. Soon you will die. Try to be happy in your next life and pray that you are born as a human." She smiled and patted Hope's shoulders. Then she left the room. Hope looked at her departing solitude. Then she thought, 'No, Hope. You have to fight until your last breath. You can never lose in front of her. You have to protect them all." She tried again. But the rope became more tied. Her circulation in hand almost stopped. She stopped moving. She knew if rope got any more tied, it would stop the circulation, and her hand would become useless. She thought about what she could do. If she had a transport paper, she could have contacted some on. Suddenly an idea formed in her head. She could not use transport paper, but she could still tell someone where she was. But to tell someone, she needs to know where she is. She looked around and saw a tiny window. She tried to go near it. She moved her chair a little. Again, she tried. She was hoping to get her chair near the window. It was tiresome work. She tried 12 times when she fell on the ground. She hit her head. Blood came out from her head. She wanted to shout out in pain. But she pressed both of her lips to stop shouting. She felt like she was losing all her blood. Hope tried to stand up. But she could not as she fell on the ground. So she could not even move. She thought of another idea. She started to shout, "Help me. Somebody help me." She knew someone must be out there to monitor her. And she was right. After a minute or two, a woman came. She is in mid 50s or 60s. She saw Hope and came near her. "Are you eager to go to hell? Why did you do this?" She asked. "I want to set free. I do not want to stay in this room. My friend will come and get me out of here." That woman laughed. "They couldn't find you here." "Why? Where is this place?" Hope asked and prayed that the woman would answer it. And that woman did. She said, "We are in Bangladesh. Naomi wanted to open the headquarters in Bangladesh. And do not worry. You will meet with your friends." "How?" Hope asked. "Cause Naomi, Oh sorry, your grandmother is planning to kill all of your friends. So after you die, you will surely meet with all." She laughed. Then she remembered she did not help Hope to get up. So she went near her and helped her. She inspected the rope and saw it was still tied. So she said to Hope, "You will die tomorrow. So why don't you chill out for today?" She laughed at her lame joke and moved out. Hope smiled and said, "If it is the last day on earth, then I must do more work, you fool. I will burn down or turn you all into ice before I die." Then she closed her eyes and tried to make a solid plan to win tomorrow.
  • Hi people, I hope you are all well. I will miss you all. As this book is coming to an end soon (not too soon but soon), this will be the final battle. Let me know your honest review, if you all like the book or not. Did you feel connected to this book? Will you miss it after it ends? Let me know through a comment. Thank you for staying with Nadia's story. I hope you will soon join another story that I will write. Please keep supporting me, and never forget to love yourself and your family. Have a great day.
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