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Chapter 57 After the death

  • She heard the water running and crashing into the stone. The sound was strong enough to make you walk up. She opened her eyes little by little and saw a cloudless blue sky. Few white birds flew over her head. She felt the sand under her palm and looked at her palm. It was sand and she looked straight and saw the blue sea. The waves were crashing into the big stones and making noises. She sat up and saw she was on a beach. She tried to remember what happened. She knew that she was fighting with her grandmother. Then how she is here. She was sure that she died. So that means she was in heaven. She looked around and saw no one was there. Did she come alone in heaven? It is not possible. She was thinking this when a figure was coming towards her. She looked at the figure. When it finally reached her, she saw her grandmother, Lora. She stood up and went near her. She hugged her. "Grandmother, I am so sorry." Lora patted her back and said, "You don't need to say sorry." "But you suffer injustice." "I already knew about it. But I still did it. I know I will die but for you to come and end this war we need to sacrifice." "Why did you do it? You suffered so much but what did you get in return?" Nadia asked. Lora turned Nadia and made her look forward. Nadia saw a man around 25 to 27 came towards them. Nadia did not recognize him. Lora said, "He is your grandfather. I met him. That is the greatest thing. And I also get them." She pointed toward the east. Nadia looked and saw her mother and father came hand in hand. Nadia could not believe she was seeing her parents and grandparents. Her mother came to her and hugged Nadia. "Dear, I missed you." Her mother said. Nadia hugged her tightly. A tear finds its way down her cheek. She looked up and saw her father was looking at her. It is the first time she saw her dad. He is just like the picture she saw in her bedroom. Nadia forwarded her one hand and her father held it. He kissed the back of his hand and said, "My child." It is weird to see all her parents and grandparents at the same age. She broke the hug and asked," Where are we?" "In the spirit realm. Those who die went into this realm. And stay here for a certain time then they go to another cycle of life or they can choose to stay here." Lora said. Mena (Nadia's mother) said, "We took you after you were almost dead. But we asked to take you in the spirit realms. I am glad I did it." Her father nodded. "So I am dead?" Nadia asked. "No, you are not. You were about to die when we took you in. Your soul is detached from your body. But you can return to the earth soon." Her grandmother said. "I don't want to return. I have you all. Why should I return?" "Because you have to do them justice. Justice for us."Nadia looked at the source and saw a man was looking at her. He came near her and she remembered he was her grandfather. He hugged her and said, "Welcome child. But you cannot stay for too long. You have to return. If you stay here for long your body will reject your soul and you will neither be dead or alive." Nadia nodded. Lora said, "We bring you here so that you don't die from the hell fire. Also to tell you how to defeat your grandmother." Nadia nodded. "Come let's sit somewhere and we can discuss it there," Mena suggested.
  • They all went near a cottage. It is small but pretty with all the windows facing the sea. They got inside and sat on the sofa. Nadia sat in between her parents. Lora started, "it will be hard to defeat her. She is more powerful. You could have defeated her with the power of the crown of the witch. But she took half of your power. Also, the power of your mom and dad was transported to her. Moreover, she has her power. So it will be impossible to defeat her." "Is there a way to defeat her?" Nadia asked. "There is. But it will be a great risk. You might lose your life." Nadia clenched her fist. She said, "I am ready to die." "Not only you but many more need to sacrifice." She looked at Lora. "What do you mean?" "You are not powerful enough to kill her. You are a media to kill her. Everyone needs to send their power through you and kill her." "I don't understand," Nadia said. "Okay. Let me start from the beginning. You are the only one who can absorb all the power from all three realms. So all three realms people must send you the power. And you will fight with their borrowed power. But the thing is the power they will send to you will be lost forever. They will never be able to recover it. Also, if you overuse it you will lose all your power and die. Nadia, you have a greater risk to overuse your power. If that happens, you will die." Nadia understood the gravity of it. Mena asked, "Is there no other way?" Lora shook her head from side to side. "This is the only way. You cannot defeat her alone. Only teamwork and greater sacrifice will bring her to end. And through Nadia it is possible." Mena said, "Dear, are you ready? Do you think you are able to do it?" "I don't know," Nadia said. "You can. I believe in you." Her dad said. "We all believe in you, dear. You will be able to defeat her and bring all the three realms together." Her grandfather said. Nadia nodded and said, "How can you believe in me when I don't even believe in myself?" "Because you have our blood and strength. You have the same passion to protect the world as us. That's why we know and believe you." Mena said. Nadia said, "I know you all hate her but I loved her. I wanted to hate and I do hate her for what she did. But not to the point to kill her. When I remember how she raised me, how she helps me to learn how to walk. My first word was dadi. My every first was started with her. She was my whole world. How can I kill my own world? I know my brain told me to do them justice but my heart. It remembered all she died and stopped me. I know what she did was for her own selfish reason but I cannot stop my thought. Am I bad?"
  • "No. This self-conflict proves that you are good and kind. You remember all her good and bad things. For people when they find something wrong in people they will forget the rest of their good things. But you are not like them. You are unique. And you should not forget that she did. And you should stop her from committing more crimes. You stop put stop to it for her own good." Lora said. Nadia nodded. She thought that Lora was right. If she truly loves her dadi, she must stop her wrongdoing. She must put it to an end. Nadia looked at all and said, "I am ready. Please tell me how I should get power from others?"
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