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Chapter 43 Drink my blood

  • Name is an Identity. Some people get close when they call out each other's name. Name is the sole existence of a person. Though there are many who carry the same name, still they are different. When you tell your name, you are bound with that person. Name, which is important throughout your life. Even after you die, your name remains. It makes you immortal by staying forever in this world.
  • "Tell me your name"
  • "Why it is so important for you?" Hope asked. "I don't know. Maybe I want to know the name of a person who cried when I was about to die." Val said, “If I tell you my name you are not allowed to tell it to anyone. Promise me." Val smiled and said, "I could not. I will die soon." Hope said, "Then what is the meaning of telling my name to a dead person." "You are mean, “Val said. Hope saw a medical kit near them. She took out artery forceps and went near the fireplace. She hated it, came near Val. Val saw it, and asked, "What are you doing?" We will get this bullet out and stop the bleeding." "Forget it. I lost too much blood." Val said in a hopeless tone."Just stay put," Hope said and with a shaky hand, she went near him. "If you are shaking so much then forget it. You will kill me if the bullet will not. "Val said.”Shut up." Hope went near him. She steadied her hand and skillfully removed the bullet. It took 15 minutes. However, the bleeding was not stopping. Hope tried to stop the blood by putting pressure. However, it was not working. Hope thought about what she could do. And she tried to take more gauge from the medical kit. Suddenly her finger grazed a scalpel. And her hand cut. She saw her blood and got the idea. Val was losing his consciousness. So hope shook him and said "Val; Val'' Val looked at her and said, "didn't you say you won't call me by my name ``'' you remember it at this time?" Hope said. "I remember everything you said." Hope got butterflies in her stomach but she pushed it aside and said, "Brink blood. I forget that you are a vampire. And the fastest way to heal you is to give you blood. So drink my blood '' Hope removed her hair from one side. Val watched it. He had an urge to jump on her. But if he did, he would not be able to control his thirst. He might take all her blood to kill her. And he will not do it. Val said, "I won't drink your blood. I might kill you. I won't able to control my thirst." Hope said, "I know. I am willing to put my life on the line. So drink.” "I won't '', Val, said stubbornly. Hope knew that they did not have time to argue. Therefore, she took out a scalpel and cut her wrists. Val saw it and shouted, "What did you do?" "If you don't drink my blood then let me bleed to death. There is no point in living if I could not save one person. “Then Hope forwarded her wrist near Val. He could smell the sweet blood of Hope. It was calling him. Val looked at Hope and saw she was determined. Val said, "Stop me when you are at your limit. If you die remember I will follow you." Hope nodded. In addition, Val took hold of Hope's hand. He first drank the fallen blood on her wrist. Then he bites her. Hope felt a warm sensation all over her body. It is said that when Vampire bite it will give a euphoric feeling. So that they can drink as much as the blood needed without interruption. Hope felt the same. Val held her wrist and suck out her blood. But he is not satisfied. He wanted more. After gulping her blood, he lost control. He pulled her close to him. He pushed aside her brown silk locks and went for her neck. The first touch to her neck was heavy. He never drank anything like this. It was the finest wine he ever tasted. Hope felt pain on his aggressive bite. Therefore, she held his hair. Val lost in her blood taste and touched her. Hope sensation heightened more. She curled her toes and held Val's hair more tightly. Val already ripped her tops. Hope hissed. And Val moved his fingers in a rhythmic way to her spine. Up and down. She felt all her depending on his single touch. But she started to feel lightheaded. Val took more blood. Hope touched his right side of the chest where his wounds were. Now it is healed and it did not even leave a scar. Hope felt his smooth skin and felt a tingling sensation. She tried to move out. But Val held her captive and drank more blood. Hope heads started to spin. She was about to lose consciousness. But before it, she touched Val's cheek. She called out "Val" and she lost consciousness.
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