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Chapter 58 Hope was kidnapped

  • "It is easy. You have to draw power from them. To do that they need to connect with you through the mind and send you the power. Here is the circle which will help them to send you power from far away." Lora gave her a paper. Nadia saw a circle with different characters in it. Nadia asked, "Is it the circle they have to draw?" "Yes. This can be used even if they are not a witch." "Okay," Nadia replied. They all went to the beach. It is time for Nadia to practice what she learns. If she could not strike with all power at once, dadi would win. So Nadia had to be very careful. She was practicing with her father. He is a good teacher. He is teaching her slowly and explaining it carefully. Nadia was missing Rahman and others. Do they know that she is alive? Are they still searching for her? This entire question is making her anxious. Her father saw her distracted and said, "In the battlefield, one moment of carelessness will bring you to death. So be careful." Nadia nodded and said, "I will be careful. It's just that I am worried for others." "Don't worry. They will be fine. But if you don't focus they will not be fine for too long." This made Nadia work more. She said, "Bring it on dad." And they practiced.
  • Here Rahman was waiting for an answer. Bindi said, "Yes. She is alive but in the spirit realm. You have to wait a little bit longer. We have to return to Bangladesh. We will meet Nadia there. The fight will come to an end soon." "Is she okay?" Rahman asked. "Yes, she is. Lora took her. She is doing fine." "Lora?" Val asked. "Yes. It looks like all of them are in the spirit realm. They took her there. She is learning the techniques to defeat her grandmother." Bindi replied. Kat asked, "Is her grandmother the culprit behind all this?" "Yes. If I am not wrong then she was planning to take power from Nadia and become stronger." Bindi said. "From her own grandchild!" Kat asked in amazement. "She killed her daughter and her husband. She can do anything to achieve her goal." Everyone looks at the new person. She is quite old, around 50 years old. She was wearing a saree. Val asked, "Who are you?" "I am her subordinate. She left me to take care of the tower." The woman said. She continued, "Sorry, where are my manners? I am ginger. I have worked with her for 5 years. Master wanted you to know about the past, that's why she sent me." "Tell us about it," Rahman said.
  • "My master is the descendant of the witch. You all must know the witch who had a war against God. She and Nadia were their direct descendants. They are the most powerful being on earth. And the master wants to rule the world. She wants to fulfill her ancestors' wishes. And we all are here, fellow. And to achieve the goal of ruling the world she needed more power. In order to do that she needs all the power of this world. Therefore, she made her daughter marry a mixed-blood person. And later she wanted to take the power. But the problem arises when she comes to know her daughter is having twins. She could not take the twin power. Therefore, she told her daughter to transfer all her power to one child. Bindi choose the child. And as for another daughter, Anna took her." "Wait. Are you telling me her twin sister is alive?" Bindi asked. Ginger nodded her head. "Who is she?" Val asked. "Don't know. Anna and the master know it. And back to the story, she took care of Nadia and absorbed her power for 18 years. Now she can take the whole power and will rule the world." "In her dream.” Rahman said. Ginger smiled and said, "The last word from her is to warn you all to go back to your home. She will be coming for you." And she disappears. Kat said, "What was this all about?" "She is the one. My God." Abu said. "Yes. We need to return to Bangladesh. She might plan to attack us." Rahman said. He looked at Bindi and asked, "Will Nadia be able to come back before it's too late?" "Don't know about it. Let's hope she can." Bindi said. Val said, "Let’s go back. Then from there let's go to Bangladesh." They all held each other's hands and went back. When they returned they saw that everything was misplaced. Someone must have entered the house and did this. Val became anxious. He shouted, "Hope" kat also saw this and shouted, "Payal." However, no one replied. Val ran upstairs. Each stair made his heart beat faster. He reached and saw the door was closed. He held the knob handle and pushed it. Slowly the door opened with a sound. He looked inside and saw the table was thrown to the side and there was a burn mark of fire burn. It is a battlefield. They could easily tell someone to attack this home. Val again shouted, "Hope." But no one replied. He was going crazy. He wanted to kill everyone and everything. Kat and the rest of the others went to look for Hope. When Abu shouted from downstairs. "Guys came here." Val was the first one to reach downstairs. "What happened?" Val asked. "Look" Abu pointed toward the front. Val looked and saw the two maids he appointed for Hope was lying on the floor. He went near them and felt their pulse. One was still alive. He tried to wake her. Kat came near them and said, “Let me help." She brought out her blue liquid medicine and made her drink it. The maid came to sense a little later. She looked around and said, "Where am I?" "In my home," Val said. She looked at Val and bowed. She said, "My king, they kidnapped the miss. We all fight but they are so many. Moreover, Miss was weak. They took her. I am sorry I could not protect her. Please kill me. As I am unable to perform my duty." "You don't have to be so worried. But can you tell me who they are?" Bindi asked. "No. We are talking with miss hope. She was telling me to cook something for everyone. As you, all will come soon. I followed her instructions and went near the kitchen and they broke in. Their main target was to kill us and kidnap her. But Madam fought and almost won. When someone hit her head from the back and she lost consciousness. We try to fight but we are not strong. So we could not fight back. I am sorry." She said. "Can you tell me where they might take her?" "No idea." The maid said. Val was so angry that he punched the nearby wall. Blood started to come out. "Calm down. We will find out where she is. But who will take her?" Kat said. "I know who takes Hope?" Bindi said. "I think it's Nadia's grandmother," Rahman said. Bindi nodded. Val asked, "That means they wanted to kidnap hope from the beginning?" "Yes," Bindi said. "Why?" Kat asked.
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