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Chapter 55 Burn to ash

  • Dadi laughed. "You?" She laughed more. "You don't have the power to kill me. I have not only my power. I have your mother's, your father's and your power. Soon I will take the rest of your power. You will die." Nadia laughed and said "never. If God sent you like the witch then He must send someone like the warrior. And I will be the warrior. I will never let you win. You will never rule the world. The world needs balance and you cannot destroy it. Whenever God sends people like you, He sends people like warriors to finish you. And this time I will make sure of it." Dadi moved away from Nadia and said, "We will see. But for now, let me take care of you." She pressed a bell and a woman came. Nadia saw it was the same woman from before. Dadi said, "Take her to the room. '' Nadia put out the fire and said "Don't come close. I will burn down the building." "Try," Dadi said. In addition, Nadia lost the power. She could not use her power. She looked at her Dadi and she said, “I told you, you can never win against me." She looked at the women and said, "Take her." Nadia shouted and said to release her. However, no one heeded to her. She was put in the same room. In addition, the door was locked from behind. Nadia pushed the door. Tried to open the door. She tried to use her power. But she could not use her power. She sat on the floor. She felt like her world broke apart. She put both her hands on her shoulders and cried. She was tried and defeated. How could her dadi do all this? She never felt regard for doing this? She was crying because of her bad luck. Why did she have to suffer? Not only herself but also her whole family? She should not let the world suffer anymore. She stood up from the floor and looked for a way out. Before she came to this room, she did not look around. Now she looked around and saw it was a large room with an attached bathroom. She saw a window and tried to open it. But she could not. She saw a chair. She took it and threw it towards the window. It did not break. It did not have a stretch on it. She went to the bathroom. She saw it had both shower and a bathtub. She could not get out of here. There was no way for her to escape. Nadia became hopeless. She sat on the floor of the washroom. She put her head on her knee and started to sob. How did she live with her parents' murderer? How did she live happily with her? She felt disgusted. She wanted to kill herself. But she remembered that her mother said to live on and protect the world. She cried and asked, "Where are you, mother? I need you. I need your help. I am powerless. How could I fight against her? You said only I can protect the world. But do you want me to fight with her? Do you want me to kill her? Then what about me? Will I be able to live afterwards? Tell me. Please tell me." Nadia cried and cried. She did not know when she fell asleep on the floor. After an hour, she heard a knock on the washroom door. A woman said, “Come out. You have to go and meet with the master." Nadia opened her eyes and saw brown colored tiles. First, she was confused about her whereabouts. But she remembered she is in the tower of life. She stood up and opened the washroom door. She saw the same women from before. The women looked at her and said, "Let's go." Nadia nodded and followed her. They passed the same narrow hallway. After three twists, they arrived at the same door. Instead of going through it, they passed by and went straight. They went upstairs and climbed to the top floor. She saw that Dadi was standing there wearing a black saree. Nadia went close to her and said, "What do you want?" "Your power." Nadia laughed and said, "I have no power." "You don't have it. But your soul has the power to consume all the power within the world. So I will kill you and took all the power." She said it and immediately a circle was formed under Nadia's feet. Nadia saw the circle and wanted to move out. But she cannot. "There is no use in struggle. I put magic to disarm you. You can't use magic within this circle." Nadia tried hard and thought of all the magic she learned. But she could not find anything. Her Dadi started to walk along the circle and said spells. Nadia did not know about this spell. Soon Nadia felt lightheaded. She fell on the floor and hit her head. The circle turned red in color. Her grandmother kept encircling the circle. Nadia started to feel suffocation. She could not see anything. In her blurry vision, she saw her Dadi stand in front of her. Dadi forwarded her hand towards Nadia and a blue ray came out of Nadia. It entered Dadi's hand. Nadia felt like someone was sucking out her life. She heard a ziiiiiii sound. She thought the world is spinning. And felt that all her limbs are heavy. Dadi continues to suck blue ray from Nadia. She was thinking that she would die at any moment. She was taking rigorous breathe. In this painful moment, she remembered Rahman. They both walked hand in hand in wood. He asked her to marry him. She promised that she would after the war ends. But her promise will remain unkempt. She cannot fulfill her promise. A single tear rolled down her eyes. She said, "Rahman" "He won't come," Dadi said. Nadia tried to look at her. She cannot be defeated like this. She thought about the warrior and the witch. She must protect their legacy. With remaining power, she cast a fire. The fire started to burn her. Her grandmother saw it and shouted "No, no, no. It cannot be. I almost have it." But Nadia started to burn herself. Nadia said, "If I die you will not have the power. You can't take power from a dead person" she felt the scorching heat. The heat ran in her vein, the blisters and flame make it impossible to speak. Dadi asked, "How could you start the fire?" "Because I am the mate of the fire wolf. I can use fire as much as I want." And fire reached around her. She was burning in fire. Dadi cast water magic, wind magic. However, nothing worked. Nadia saw this and gave a painfully smile. "You cannot extinguish it. Rahman master hell fire. And I will burn you to hell." Saying this Nadia put a hand on the ground. And the floor started to catch fire. Everything around her was in flames. And Nadia saw in the flame, a woman was standing there. You cannot see the face but only black hair against red flame. Nadia remembered bindi said she saw a girl standing on flame. And the building was caught on fire. Nadia understood this is the vision Bindi saw. But the burning sensation did not allow her further thinking. The fire already burned her. She wanted to extinguish the fire. The pain is unimaginable. It felt like someone was biting, scratching her. She knew she was about to die. She started to hear the distant sound of her Dadi's howling. She heard others were telling her dadi to remove the fire. But her dadi only wanted Nadia to be safe. But it was late. Nadia burned into ashes in front of her.
  • Dadi kneeled and kept repeating, "No, no. It cannot happen. I am so close to absorbing all her power. I am so close to winning. No." She looked up and screamed, "Nadia" And the flame around her engulfed her. The flame purifies the soul and gives a new start. Today it took Nadia souls and gave a new start to the world.
  • Do you think Nadia is dead? If she is then what will happen to the future? Will the world be destroyed by Dadi? Let me know what you all think.
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