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Chapter 69 Become the king as I dream

  • Val asked Roy, "Why do you have to betray us."Because you don't deserve to be a king," Roy replied. "Tell me one thing I lack as a king," Val asked. Both of them start to encircle each other. Roy said, "You are weak. As a king, you have to be strong. You are kind, but as a king, you cannot be kind." Val laughed and said, "If, for this reason, you think I am not eligible to be a king, then I would be happy to answer that I don't want to be the king you want me to be. Because my father taught me to be a benevolent king. Who shares the pain of his kingdom? Who sheltered the kingdom? However, you, you help in killing the king, and now you are pointing a blade toward me. You have committed a capital crime. For this reason, I at this moment sentence you to death." Roy laughed and said, "You can never kill me. You will die. O, yes, not only you but also all your friends. And we will rule the world." Val smiled and said, "Let’s see who has the last smile." In addition, both launched at each other. Val took a sword made up of ice, and Roy used a steel sword. Both of their swords clashed. And made a loud sound. Both are fighting equally. They have fought with each other since childhood. Both know each other's weaknesses. Therefore, every attack was stopped by one another. The fight continued for half an hour. The sweat formed in their forehead. Both were taking rigorous breaths. However, none was backing down. Suddenly Roy laughed and said, "I am impressed. You improve a lot. I thought you might forget the fight after Sristy died. Now that I remember, I helped to kill your Sristy. Not only that, after you die, I am planning to marry Hope. You see, I like her. She will be the new vampire queen. What do you think?" Val blooded boiled hearing it. When Sristy died, he was crying on Boy's shoulder. The shoulder of her murderer. And now he wanted to have Hope. He got angry. The beast within him said that Hope was his. Val lost his rationality and attacked Roy. Roy also attacked him with full force. Both fight until one moment Val sees an opening near Roy’s abdomen and slashed with a sword. Roy backed down and looked at Val. Val did not give him time to stab Roy in the heart. Roy screamed and went backward. He stumbled upon his feet and fell to the ground. The pitch ground turned red with Roy's blood. Roy looked at him and said, “You finally killed me." He coughed and said, "Now you are going to be a perfect king. A king who does not see who is his foes or enemy. He gives justice to all." He coughed out more blood. He forwarded his hand. Val took a hand in his hand and cried. He said, "Why do you have to betray me, Roy?" "If you said that you wanted my throne, I would gladly give it to you. Why do you have to kill people?" He asked. Roy held Val's hand and said, "I wanted to have it by my own strength. And I wanted to rule it. Promise me you will rule the kingdom and never let anyone harm our kingdom." "I promise." Val said in between a hiccup. Roy laughed and said, "Promise me you will tell your feelings to Hope." "I wi- what?" Val asked. Roy coughed more blood and said, "You, dumb, you still haven’t figured out that you love Hope. I am dying but have to tell you that you love someone. That's why I am worried about my kingdom." Val looked at his dying friend and said, "Please, Don't die." Val wanted to block his blood flow by freezing his vessels. But Roy stopped. He said, "No. You do not need to. Let me die peacefully. If I survive, we cannot go back to how we used to be. So let me die and remember me as a friend who betrays you." Val hugged Roy and said, "You idiot." Roy hugged him back and said, "Make sure to ask her. Or in the next life, I will snatch her away" ''you dare." Val looked at him. Roy smiled. He looked at the sky and said, "Val do you remember we used to look up and said one day we would rule under it." Val looked at the sky and said, "Yes. I remember." "I am going make sure to rule under the sky." Roy said. Val nodded, and he felt the hold of Roy was losing. He looked at Roy and saw he was looking at the sky. He shook him and called out. However, Roy did not reply. Val hugged him and roared. Then he put Roy on the ground and froze him. He said, "I promise Roy that I will be a better king. Moreover, I promise to express my feelings. He looked at the building ahead of him. He entered.
  • ~On the other side~
  • Rahman and Nadia entered the abandoned building. They saw no one was there. Why was there no one? For one moment, they thought they might have come to the wrong location. However, Roy was here so that they might check. Rahman and Nadia looked at each floor. There is no trace of people. They went up and saw two men standing on the door to the rooftop. Rahman stood before Nadia. He said, "Let us pass." Both looked and said, "We can't." They were about to attack when Rahman said, "I will handle them. You must go to the rooftop." Nadia nodded and ran toward the rooftop. One wanted to block her, but Rahman punched his face. Nadia took this chance and went inside. When she reached the rooftop, she saw Hope was tied in a stone bed. Moreover, a blue ray was coming out from her. And the blue ray was transferred to her grandmother. She shouted, “stop," and her grandmother looked at her. She was surprised. She said, "Nadia." "Surprise. Not only can you fake death. I am your granddaughter, so that I can share your tricks too." "How come you are alive?" "It's a long story. I am too tired to explain. So let my sister go." Nadia threatened. Naomi smiled and said, "It is too late." She indicated one woman who was standing near her. The woman pulled out papers and threw them at her. Nadia dodged it, but one touched her, and she felt like her whole body was on fire. She screamed. More paper touches her. It cut her, and the burning sensation increased. She saw that Hope was losing her power. She shouted, “Wake up, hope. Wake up. You have to fight back. Wake up." But there was no use. Naomi was laughing, seeing the poor state of these two sisters. But Nadia did not stop. She imaged a circle and transported her magic power to Hope. Hope started to regain consciousness. Nadia called out, "wake up" Naomi laughed and said, "She would. She is almost dead. And soon, she will be the hell king's concubine." She laughed more. And suddenly, someone gripped her throat. She looked in amazement and saw Hope was holding her neck. She said, "You can't sell me to anyone. To hell with your hell king" And threw Naomi on the ground. Hope looked at Nadia and said, "Sister." Nadia nodded. Finally, both sisters met with each other.
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