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Chapter 65 You betrayed Val

  • Hope was struggling to find out a way to escape. She already contacted Val. However, she could not sit still and wait for the hero to save the day. She was positive that 5 hours had passed since she arrived. She was planning to escape. She stopped moving and looked for a sharp weapon. In all movies, there were Sharpe things that the villain left for the hero to use. However, not in real life. The room holds only a chair where Hope was sitting and a window. And a bed in the middle. Nothing more. Hope was getting frustrated by this. She wanted to scream but held herself. She could not waste energy on the scream. She had to save energy to remain alive. But she cursed in her mind. She said if Val did not come to save her, she would become a ghost and haunt him. She was cursing Val when she heard footsteps. She tried to detect who it was, but she could not guess. Then she heard someone unlocking the door. In addition, she saw a shadow coming inside the room. She looked carefully and saw a man came inside. But when she looked at him, she was astonished. Well, it was not new. She was getting shocked one after another. But it was new. The person who came was no other than Roy. She asked, "Don't tell me you are with her." Roy smiled and said, "You are smart. I liked that about you." Hope felt disgusted by his liking and said, "I don't like you. How could you betray your kingdom?" "When did I ever betray my kingdom? I was just removing the king who is not worthy to rule." "And in your eyes who is worthy to rule the kingdom." He pointed his index finger to himself and said, "Me. I can rule the kingdom. Your grandmother, my master, promised me that I would be the next king. I will rule alone side with my master." "Didn't you see the consequences of Anny? Still, you believe that she will make you the king?" Hope asked. "She will. Cause she could not rule the world. And I am not ruling it against her. I will rule under her guidance. But-” he gave an overall glance to Hope and added, "I need a queen for myself. And I think-" he touched her cheek, "You will be the perfect queen. I requested the master to let you live. She can absorb power as long as she wants. Only she must let you live. Aren't I generous?" Hope felt disgusted. She moved her cheek away from his hand and said, "How could you be so disgusting? You want to have me for what? For my body?" Roy laughed and said, "Yes, the moment I saw you, all I ever wanted was your body. Your anger fuels my desire. Your blazing eyes burn my veins. I want to have you. I want you to sire my child." Hope felt like she might vomit. She held her sick feeling and thought about a plan. If he could convince her grandmother to let her live, she might get a way out of here. She put aside her sick feeling and looked at Roy, "You will never have me. I would rather kill myself than surrender myself." Roy bent down at her level and said, "No, I want you. I want you once, even before you die." Hope wanted to kill Roy. She said, "When did you start to betray Val?" "From the very beginning. I was the one who said where Sristy met with Val. And I was the one who killed her. I wanted to kill the late king. But if I did that, Val would have killed me. So I didn't." "I was jealous of Val. He got everything, but what did I get? I have to clean up his problem because I was not born into the royal family. I hate him from the bottom of my heart." The hatred he had for Val shone brightly in the darkness. Hope saw it and said, "We didn't choose where we wanted to be born. If that were my case, I would have wanted to be born as a normal human girl." She wanted to keep wasting time, so Val came and rescued her. Roy said, "Yes, what you said is true. And that is why we must change our destiny. Think about it. If you become a vampire queen, you could rule the world. Come join us, Hope." Hope wanted to say yes to remain alive. But her consciousness stopped her. She said, "No, never. Even if today is the last day I will be alive, I would never hand myself over to you." Roy smiled and said, "No winder Val loved you after so many years. You are the one who could break the steel shield that he made to keep himself safe for all those years." Hope looked at him. Her heartbeat accelerated. Did Val love her? She became happy. Nevertheless, she said in an indifferent tone, "You are wrong. He loved but not me but Nadia." Roy laughed and said, "The first rule to win is to know your enemy best. In addition, I know Val likes the back of my hand. And trust me, he loved you madly. He himself does not know. He was protective of you. He could not let anyone touch you, let alone harm you. He is slow in this liking field, but the truth is he likes you. I confirm it the day when he protected you from being seen by me. I knew that he loved you. And I promise that I will never let you with him." Hope listened to him and thought, did Val really love her? If it was the truth, then she might be the luckiest girl in the world. She was thinking about Val, and a smile found its way in her lips. Roy saw it and pulled her hair. Hope shouted. He said, "Now, now, what we have here. Our dear Hope also loved Val. But sorry, my love, you cannot be with him. Your future will be with me." Finally, Hope snapped. She could not take it and said, "Yes, I love Val. And you will never have me. Val will save me" Roy realized her hair and laughed. He will not be able to save you. Just like, he could not save his lover. And who are you to him? I know, and you know he loved you. But that stupid did not know that. So do you think he will do everything in his power to save you? He might abandon you. To him, you are not so important." Hope felt the same. He did not know that hope loved him. Neither hope was sure that he loved her. So maybe he might not save her. The little light she saw ahead of her started to turn into darkness. She started to lose hope.
  • Hi people, how are you? I hope that you like today's chapter. Another betrayal comes forward. It is sad that the people we trust turned out to backstab us. Nadia and hope were facing the same problem. Moreover, when we find out that someone betrayed us, it becomes hard for us to trust again. But still, we should trust people. Because only trust can lead us to a beautiful future, so trust in yourself and the one you love. Have a beautiful day.
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