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Chapter 50 I feel ashamed that I loved you

  • "No. I never loved you. I loved Val. When I first met him, I felt the connection. However, with you, it never happened. I do not love you. I will never love you. You are worthless." Nadia said looking straight into his eyes. Rahman was defeated. In his whole life, he never felt as defeated as he is feeling right now. Rahman looked at Nadia and said, "I agree. I am worthless. So I wish you to be happy." He was about to leave the place when Val said "Spineless." Rahman roared. He came toward him and punched him. Val noose broke. But Val also punched him back. Both fight with each other. Val punched Rahman's stomach. Rahman kicked his stomach. Then Val started to throw ice. Rahman also throws fireball. Both are not backing down. Val pushed both of his hands forward and gave cold wind. On the other hand, Rahman threw fire towards him. Both of their power met in the middle. Due to the clash, all the things around them were broken. Nadia went to the other side and stood there. Val and Raman’s fight continued. Rahman was so near to turning into a werewolf. However, he held himself. He did not want to make Nadia saw his werewolf form. He did not want her to see Wolfie. All those lies and conspiracy was eating him away. But for his pack and the world, he will fight. If it means to fight with the only one, he loves. He will fight. He gave more energy to produce fire and it broke through Val's ice and hit him. Val fell down. Nadia ran towards him and held him. Val was burnt. Nadia angrily looked at Rahman. She said some spell and Rahman stop moving. He saw that a triangle formed around him. It contained many characters. He looked at Nadia and said, "Release me" "why? So that you could beat Val. No way." She pulled out a dagger and went near him. He looked at the dagger. Nadia said "You know; I kind of like you. But you put your pack above me. However, Val never let me down. He always helped me. He was there to fulfill my needs. You remembered I said that I was with him in the woods. I was with him. I told you. But do you know what I did with him?" Rahman looked down. He could not look at her. Her eyes. The first thing he fell in love with is her eyes, Black innocent eyes. But these eyes only held decisiveness. He never felt disgusted with himself. However, for the first time, Nadia made him feel disgusted. Disgusted to love such a person. But is Nadia really like this? Was she telling lies all this time? Why did not he notice any lie in her words? Why did not he notice that she is a fraud? Was she playing games with him all this time? Was she playing with his emotion? Rahman looked up. He saw the cynical smile on Nadia. He thought to himself 'No. She cannot be Nadia. His Nadia could never do that.'
  • Nadia pulled out a bottle and dipped the dagger in it. Rahman saw it and tried hard to break free from her spell. "Don't try. You will never succeed. Just die without pain. See. I am so merciful that I am giving you a quick death." She held the dagger and went more close to him. She lifted the dagger, said “Bye Bye”, and thrust it toward Rahman. Exactly that time Rahman heard Nadia's shout. She shouted in a painfully sad voice "Rahman." Rahman looked toward the person standing before him and he knew that she was not Nadia. He stopped the dagger by holding it and with all his might, he pushed Nadia away. The triangle broke and Rahman could move freely. He launched at Nadia and pulled her hair. "Tell me who are you? Where is my Nadia?" Nadia hissed and said "can't you see? I am Nadia. Or did you love made you blind?" He pulled her hair more tightly and said, "Tell me. Or I will kill you. How dare you deceive me? You act like Nadia and made me believe you. Now tell me where is Nadia." Val came near him. When Rahman saw Val was moving towards him, he made a ring of fire. Val moved back. He tried to extinguish the fire. But it did not work. Rahman said, "It is hellfire. I mastered this fire for 12 years. You can't extinguish it by only your power." Then he looked at Nadia and said, "I will burn you in this hellfire. So tell me where is Nadia?"
  • Nadia laughed. She said, "You will never be able to find her. Do you think it is that easy? You all came according to my master wish. And you will leave according to your master's wish. And my master wish is to set you free." She laughed. Rahman asked, "Who is your master?" She looked at him and said, "My master is the most powerful being. You can say she can fight with all four realms single-handedly. But she does not wish to. She wanted to rule. My master wanted to fulfill the hope and desire of my master's ancestors. And soon the master will succeed. The master only needs two people. One is with a master and another one will soon join." Rahman was thinking about that person. He could not even tell if that person is a man or woman. He saw that Val was trying everything to break the spell. Rahman looked at Nadia and said, "Take me to your master. '' Nadia smiled and said, "I can't." She looked at Val and said, "Stop it. We can't fight." Val stopped. Rahman looked at Val and thought it was not Val. He is not so obedient and weak. He thought of voice. The voice he heard that time. He thought that if these two did not answer him he could get an answer from the voice. Rahman was shocked to hear Nadia's voice. As they are of different races. They could not communicate with anyone else. But he remembered that her paternal grandmother said that she had all three races' powers. Does that mean she can shape shift? They never thought about it. However, there might be possibilities. He was thinking about all this when he saw both Nadia and Val disappeared. He was confused. 'What is going on?' He thought. He removed his fire and stood up. Then he heard a voice. "Good evening everyone. Welcome to your nightmare."
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