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Chapter 9 Past

  • Laughter erupts as Theo gawks at my form. He gets off the bed and lifts me, then sets me on the side of the bed. He takes a blanket that’s on the ground beside the couch and covers me with it.
  • “Now, I wonder where are our sleepwear? It must have been a crazy night for us to lose it,” he jests.
  • Before opening the door, he stoops over the side of the tub and wears his clothes. He greets someone at the door and then, two servants enter carrying food.
  • “Harbin, she’ll go to the study room once she’s done eating and taking a bath. Now go, you’ll just be a distraction.”
  • When Theo shifts his attention back to me, he’s already smiling and there’s no Harbin outside our room. He ushers me to sit beside him and while we are eating, two servants take care of the mess we’ve made in the room and prepare the bath.
  • I study Theo as he languidly eats. “What’s wrong?” I ask. “Are you tired?”
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