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Chapter 25 Heirs

  • I stifle my voice as I run and hide in the gazebo, making sure that I am covered with the seat’s blanket. Crouching in the corner, I cry while wrapping my arms around my knees. It’s about to get dark, and I really need to return to my room.
  • Suddenly, I hear a voice. It’s Aditya’s voice. “You finally decide to meet me again,” she says.
  • I am about to get up from where I am hiding when I heard, “I told you I am busy. I have no time for this.”
  • It’s Theo’s voice! It’s been a long time! Oh, moon goddess, I miss him! I will meet him, I–
  • “Busy on what? Impregnating your harem women as fast as possible?” Theo did not respond, so Aditya continues, “I told you, make me your first concubine.”
  • Hearing that, I stay put and once again hug my knees to my chest.
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