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Chapter 26 Mate Bond

  • I open my eyes. It’s morning. Another night without seeing Theo. So, Klevon really is a liar. I tried to stay awake the whole night, but he did not show himself.
  • Massaging my head, I sit up. Yesterday, when I returned to my room, only Harbin and Brandon are waiting for me. No Theo. Contrary to what everyone tells me, I think I am being abandoned.
  • I get up from the bed and suddenly drop to the floor. I feel dizzy. What just happened? I feel sick. It’s been a while. I lift myself and return to my bed. I cover my face with the blanket and finally sleep.
  • The next time I wake up is when someone is hovering over me. I open my eyes and see Harbin beside me.
  • “At last, you are awake. Are you being lazier as the days pass?”
  • I look away. As Harbin says, I want to do nothing today.
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