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Chapter 21 Library

  • “You got one wrong,” Harbin says as he slams the book in front of me. “You do know that this has a consequence?”
  • I nod, ashamed for getting one question wrong. I could have gotten a perfect score if not for Theo who keeps on distracting me with his kisses while I browse through the geography books. Every time I ignore him, he sucks my neck until I am riddled with kiss marks.
  • “Focus!” Harbin groans. “We are in the bastion of education! Not some sexual dungeon where you can freely think about all the naughty things you did with my King.”
  • I instantly redden at the thought. When Harbin raises his brows, I look away and travel my eyes around the library instead. It is a three floors circular dome-like structure, with shelves of books as far as one can see. One shelf is twice as tall as me that there are ladders to be used for those on the top shelves. It is a wonderful place. I’m sure it will be hard to play hide and seek in this place. I bet that I can even use this as my hiding place.
  • The door opens and Klevon comes into the room, but not only him, there are also other women behind him. They are rowdy and Klevon seems to be enjoying all the attention. He is even smiling at one woman when she pulls him in and gives him a resounding kiss on the mouth.
  • “Finally! The other salacious being is here!” Harbin says. “Will you let your fans go away?!”
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