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Chapter 16 First Party

  • The room I am ushered into is extravagant, to say the least. Even in my primitive, ignorant eyes, I can sense that the furniture, decorations, and even the carpet that I am stepping on are worth more than the price of one werewolf slave.
  • I turn my attention back to Aditya who has opened a cabinet—with little, intricate details on the handle and corners. I feel conscious as if I don’t belong in this room. I look at my shoes and feel ashamed of the mess I caused in the doorway.
  • “Miss, ahm, Lady Kaiya?” she calls. I shift my attention to her. “Will you please come closer? I need to show you something.”
  • “Is there a more simple… room?” I ask instead, without moving from my spot.
  • “King Theo specifically requested to have your room next to him. And this is the only room that matches that.”
  • “Am I… not allowed to share a room with him?” I ask instead.
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