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Chapter 45 Servitude

  • Theo grunts on top of me and my chest jiggles every time his manhood impales me. My body arches and I grab tightly onto the sheet. He continuously calls my name every time he thrusts. His voice still sounds like music, but the pleasing quality in it is replaced by the knowledge that he’s not only doing these intimate acts with me.
  • He finally releases inside while my back touch the sheets again. He licks the corner of my mouth while waiting for his shivers to die down.
  • “Kaiya, is our lovemaking becoming boring for you?” he asks.
  • “I’m good,” I answer. My chest is still heaving from attempting to catch my orgasm, but failing to do so.
  • “You want me to spice it up?”
  • “Spice?” I ask.
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