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Chapter 41 Encumbrance

  • “What have you done to her, my King?!” Harbin scolds.
  • His voice is loud and laced with annoyance at his King. It is also his admonishment that woke me up. Ah! I still don’t want to open my eyes and face all this pain.
  • “She falls unconscious while we are amid our pleasure,” Theo answers. A hint of guilt in his voice.
  • “You know she is pregnant! Pregnancy is physically and emotionally rough for she-wolves! And instead of her, you should be f*ucking your harem women!”
  • I flinch at Harbin’s words. I guess he goes vulgar when frustrated? He’s always calm and collected when dealing with me.
  • “Making love with her won’t make her more pregnant than she currently is.”
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