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Chapter 19 Ecstasy

  • When the tremors on my body die down, Theo makes me lie on my side, with him behind me. With his arms still around my waist, he raises my left leg to open me up and enters from behind.
  • “Not like this, Theo. It’s embarrassing,” I say. Looking at the way we are joined.
  • “We’ve done it a lot. This is just another way of doing it, Kaiya. There’s no need to be embarrassed now. Just feel it,” he coaxes as he continuously penetrates me.
  • Then he touches my crotch again as he thrusts, massaging it the same way he did it earlier. I close my eyes as his touches are making me shiver in desire again. Before long, I find myself meeting his thrusts and wanting more of him.
  • “Uhh… Theo…”
  • I touch his hand that’s touching my crotch. Everything about him is hard, his body, his member, even the way he hugs me while we copulate. Then, my fingers touch his member while he’s thrusting inside me. I wrap my fingers around it every time he pulls back. It’s sticky and huge and throbbing.
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