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Chapter 48 Existence

  • However, Klevon only snorts. “What did you expect? This place is renovated so you will live peacefully here. The King wants you to feel at home, comfortable, and in your element here.” Klevon grins, “Aren’t you the favorite?”
  • I clench my jaws and sit across from Klevon. “I am,” I answer, flinching when I feel the soreness on my crotch.
  • Klevon gazes at me and then at Harbin. “Is she always like this? Ain’t she always in a bad mood? Or is it because of my presence?”
  • I shift my attention from the two men to the garden outside the sunroom. The castle has a lot of rooms like this. The solid wall is on my right, and the glass is on my left, which overlooks the beautiful garden.
  • I smirk. This is created for me, huh? Somehow, I can’t believe it. He doesn’t love me that much to think of me. Maybe, he made his castle this way so he can fuck his women while hiding from the passersby. He’s crazy like that. I’m sure someday, he will also ask me to have sex with him in those tall bushes. Then he will use on me those painful-looking clamps, and those slaps and… right, I remember, he asks to tie me up before. He also asks to use those same things on me just a day ago. Rather, I am getting closer to his sexual relationship with Coe.
  • Remembering how he grabs Coe and how he impales her while he is causing her painful pleasure, I realize how much the mate bond did not affect him. The mark works somehow, but then… he can’t possibly derive pleasure from inflicting pain on his sex partner if he loves me, right? If that is the case… Does that mean that the mark will expire sooner than five years? Because he is a human?
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