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Chapter 43 Engorge

  • When night comes and Theo still did not return, I feel the hole in my heart enlarge. It is so pronounced that I feel like my whole body is being devoured by it. Yet, there is no physical pain. It’s all in my mind.
  • Meeghan also did not bother me. She might have thought that I need to rest after sex with the King. 
  • All are nothing but lies. 
  • I crouch on the bed. I want to cry, but the tears have long dried up, and even the swelling on my face has long been gone. Damn these werewolf abilities.
  • When the door opens, I sit up to see Theo striding toward me. Finally, he’s here. Even if there is a tired look on his face. My heart takes another plunge. Is visiting me has become an exhausting activity for him? Is he bored with me already?
  • He takes a chair and sits in front of me. There is a grave look on his face. His hands are clasped together and his shoulders are drooping. Rather than a King, he looks like a picture of utter defeat.
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