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Chapter 24 Jungle

  • I read through the written accounts of all the rulers of different Kingdoms. Harbin made me read it, probably to make me understand why Theo needs to have other women other than me. He needed to have an heir. I can’t give that to him since most werewolves have little chance to get pregnant. Even Nowra and her mate need to copulate multiple times just to get a child. Despite all those nights, Nowra didn’t get pregnant.
  • But it still hurts. Every time I think about him with other women, I see him differently little by little. Despite that, I still love and crave for him. As days pass, I miss him even more, and yet, I am not allowed to visit. As per the servants that I asked, whoever let me into the harem building will have the same punishment as Aditya.
  • Browsing through the books, I can see that if only Aditya was impregnated by the Djambek King, then maybe she could stay by his side. Should I do that? Strive to be pregnant so Theo will return to my side? Will my pregnancy stop him from taking other women if I ask him?
  • I play at the edge of the book cover. I miss him. He doesn’t need to touch and kiss me, I just want to hear his voice and tell me that I still matter to him, even a little.
  • “Harbin, if I get pregnant, do you think Theo will visit me often?”
  • Harbin raises his brows at me. “Miss Kaiya. Why are you always thinking about men? Ladies should think about their own life and ambition too.”
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