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Chapter 35 Purist Form

  • Once in my room, the physician comes in to check on my wounds. All are minor ones, something that will heal easily, especially when I am a werewolf. My arms are also better than I expected them to be.
  • “Why do you always save me, Kaiya? Even now,” he asks, caressing my face. He might have felt the danger earlier when Brandon rushed toward him. “You even saved General Brandon.”
  • “Because I love you,” I answer. “And with Brandon, my body just moves on its own. It might have been because I treasure him as my teacher.”
  • He sighs. “Sleep now,” Theo says, pushing and lifting my feet into the bed.
  • “Why?” I ask. “Aren’t you going to investigate what happened?”
  • “I will. I also need to talk about it with my generals first.”
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