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Chapter 29 Delirious

  • I feel the bed shift. I open my eyes to see Theo kneeling before me at the foot of the bed. I smile as I watch him, especially when he starts to remove all his clothes. Even in my drowsy state, I find him beautiful. The moonlight sifting through the curtains gives him a more erotic quality. He looks so divine. 
  • This is a nice dream. He is a beautiful illusion. There is no way, he’d be in my room, naked and very ready to make love to me. He removes the blanket that’s covering my body and opens my legs.
  • “Kaiya…” he whispers. “I miss you so much.”
  • I miss him. But it’s hard to believe that he does miss me. He’s been gone for more than a week. He broke his promise to me, and I am sure he will be gone for a while more.
  • He lifts my legs and places them over his shoulders. I smile. I am too horny for him that I am getting these nice dreams. I close my eyes. This will pass too, and tomorrow is another day without him.
  • Suddenly, a tongue laps on my folds. I jerk and my eyes open wide. This sensation is definitely not a dream! Completely awake, I pull back and push at his head. Instead of letting me go, his arms tighten around my legs.
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