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Chapter 9

  • "Come on Sophie, we are going to be late." Terrence reminded as he walked out of his room into Sophie's room and found his little girl on her bed with a sad face.
  • "What's wrong, darling. Don't you want to go to Gabby's place anymore?" Terrence asked softly as he sat on her bed and placed Sophie on his lap.
  • This is very strange as Sophie was the one who was over the moon yesterday when Terrence informed her that they would be going over to Gabby's place for dinner tonight.
  • "I'm not happy, Daddy. This shoe doesn't fit me anymore." Sophie said sadly as she looked down at the shoe.
  • Terrence took a glance at the shoe and saw that it was her favorite pair of shoes. It couldn't fit her anymore because she had outgrown it.
  • "Don't be sad my love; I will get you another one," Terrence said.
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