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Chapter 20

  • When Alexander noticed Mel had fallen asleep on his lap, He carefully got up with her in his arms. She snuggled more into his chest, her hand went around his neck, holding up to him as if her life depended on it. That gesture alone made a huge smile creep to Alex's face.
  • Alex went straight to Melinda's room and laid her on the bed. He covered her with the duvet after which he kissed her forehead. Then he stepped out of the room quietly, shutting the door behind him.
  • Alexander glanced at his wristwatch and saw that it was almost dinner time so he decided to surprise Mel with some food. Once he got to the kitchen, he reached for an apron and got started with his cooking.
  • .................................................
  • Melinda opened her eyes slowly and saw herself on her bed. A small smile crept to her lips when she remembered she had just confessed her feelings to Alex. She liked Alex very much and had decided to give him a try.
  • Melinda got up from her bed and went to the bathroom to wash her face and then change into some comfy clothes. She was trying to tie her hair into a messy bun when her stomach grumbled so she decided to go get something to eat in the Kitchen.
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