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Chapter 18

  • Melinda barely had any sleep last night. She kept on thinking about Alexander. Maybe Rhoda was right. Alex could be a different guy. But she was scared to give in to him. She didn't want to get hurt again.
  • She could not even bring herself to reply to Alex's text message yesterday. She kept typing and erasing for like eight times. She didn't know what to type so she decided she was going to apologize to him in person, today.
  • Melinda had dressed up for work, She just finished having breakfast when the sound of the doorbell came through. She stood up from the dining table, straightened her clothes, and walked towards the door.
  • She opened the door and saw Alexander standing on the other side, looking more handsome than she could recall yesterday. Melinda did not know how long she kept staring at him until she was brought out of her trance by Alex's voice.
  • "Good morning Miss Davis," He greeted.
  • Melinda didn't know why but she felt a certain pain in her heart when Alex called her Miss Davis. But she couldn't blame him. She had told him last night that their relationship should be strictly professional and nothing more.
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