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Chapter 38

  • Even though she slept late, Raina had always been a morning person; she was used to waking up around 6:30 in the morning.
  • Thankfully, she woke up feeling better which made her wonder where she got the strength from. She sat on the bed and meditated for a few minutes with a new determination to move on and live life with the people she cared about.
  • Raina finished meditating and said her morning prayers. She arranged her bed and made her way to the bathroom to do her morning rituals.
  • Unfortunately, she had no other dress than the one she wore back from the hospital. It wasn't dirty or smelling so she put them on and brushed her hair with the brush already provided in her bathroom after which she put her hair in a bun.
  • She took a look at herself in the mirror and saw that she looked better than yesterday except that her eyes were a little puffy due to the number of times she cried.
  • Raina slipped her feet into the fancy unisex slippers Clarice brought for her while she was in the hospital, then she exited her room.
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