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Chapter 30

  • Melinda woke up the following morning feeling nauseous. She quickly jumped down from her bed and ran into the bathroom to empty the contents in her stomach.
  • Alexander soon appeared beside her as he moved her hair to one side and rubbed her back in the process. As soon as she was done, Alexander made her sit on the bathtub to regain her lost energy. He helped her rinse her mouth and also splashed water on her face.
  • "Are you sure you are okay now?" Alex asked and Mel nodded weakly. He helped her stand up after which he put some paste on her toothbrush and he watched her as she brushed her teeth. After she was done, He removed her clothes and assisted her in taking her bath. After that, he gave her a towel to dry herself while he went to bring some clean clothes for her and he helped her to wear them.
  • Alexander carried Melinda to the bed and covered her with the duvet. He kissed her forehead and whispered into her ear. "Take a little rest while I go make you something to eat." He said and Mel nodded before drifting back to sleep.
  • Soon enough Melinda was awoken by someone shaking her. She opened her eyes and Alex helped her sit up after which he fed her the pancakes he made for her.
  • Melinda was full to the brim as soon as Alex finished feeding her. She hoped she would be able to keep that down and not throw up again.
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