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Chapter 21

  • Melinda was used to spending Friday evenings with either Nate or Desourire. But today, she had ditched both of them. She gave them an excuse about having some work to do so she could go on a date with Alexander.
  • Alex and Mel's relationship has been going on well and Melinda has been enjoying every bit of it. They have managed to keep their relationship a secret but Mel knew at some point, she would have to tell people who were close to her. Most especially now that Desourire had started suspecting something. Till then she wanted to enjoy things privately with Alex.
  • Melinda and Alexander have not gone farther than kissing and a little bit of smooching.
  • Seeing that Alex would be here any minute from now, Mel went for a quick shower and dressed up in something very simple and she looked so gorgeous as well as comfortable. She had put on one of her favourite black dresses.
  • A few minutes later, the doorbell rang and Mel rushed to open it. Standing right there was the most handsome man in the world. The man who succeeded in breaking the walls she had built around herself. The man who she was starting to fall in love with. Alexander Ducan. Standing right there with a banquet of red roses in his hands and a charming smile plastered to his face.
  • "You look so gorgeous, my love," Alex said which made her blush.
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