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Chapter 19

  • Melinda woke up quite late on Saturday morning after which she made herself a cup of coffee and decided to do some office work at home. She didn't even know that time had gone until she decided to take a break by checking her social media account. After that, she decided to take a shower and go over to her parents' house to surprise them and maybe head to Desourire's place later on.
  • Melinda was satisfied with her look once she saw her reflection in the mirror. She was about to put on her shoes when the doorbell rang. Mel was surprised as she wasn't expecting anyone. Nevertheless, she went ahead to open the door and came face to face with the last person she wanted to see, Frank.
  • Before she could even ask him what he was doing at her apartment, Frank bagged in.
  • "Heyy. Don't you have any manners? How dare you enter my Apartment without me asking you to come in." Mel shouted at him after she shut the door behind her.
  • "Oh, I see. Is that how you now talk to your husband?" Frank said as he sat comfortably on the couch after which he crossed his right leg over the left one.
  • "You are not my husband," Mel said through gritted teeth.
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