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Chapter 26

  • Melinda decided that she was not in good shape to go to the office today so she thought it would be better to work from home. Meanwhile, Dee had gone to her publishing house but not before making breakfast for Mel which she refused to eat till now. Dee, however, promised Mel that she was going to see her later in the evening.
  • After working non-stop for three hours, Mel decided to take a break to eat something and as soon as she rose to her feet, The doorbell rang.
  • She wasn't expecting anyone. Even though her best friends and Tracy promised to visit her today, It was too early for them to show up as they ought to be busy at their workplace by now. So no doubt it was Alexander that was at the door.
  • Melinda reluctantly walked to the door after which she let out a big sigh before opening up. She opened the door and found Alexander standing there with a very worried look and Mel did not fail to notice his heavy eye bag as if he had not slept for days.
  • "Babe, I have been so worried about you," Alex said as he began approaching Mel. But before he could even come close to her, she took two steps backward, giving him that 'don't you dare come close to me look.'
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