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Chapter 73

  • "Maybe I should just cancel the whole thing," Lawrence said. The thought of not seeing Maddie and Luis for a few days was making him go crazy.
  • "You should go, honey. We will be fine." Madiana assured as she placed Luis on her chest. The little boy was playing with her hair, trying to put it in his mouth but she was preventing him from doing so.
  • Lawrence was to go on a trip to Paris for some business deal. He was representing his father's company since he was a partner there.
  • When his father informed him about the trip, he was reluctant to go, telling his father to go himself or appoint someone else to represent the company.
  • His father, Liam, chuckled at his reply because he knew his son was reluctant to go because he didn't want to leave Madiana and Luis behind.
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