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Chapter 45

  • Weeks Later......
  • "I will give the phone to her, hold on a sec," Ronald said as he walked out of his home office in search of Raina.
  • He finally found her in the kitchen where she was baking with the girls, Alexa and Adrie.
  • Raina was in some short shorts and a tank top; Her hair was in a messy bun, she also had an apron on her.
  • Alexa and Adrie were matching with her as they were also in their short shorts and a cute little top with the small apron Raina made for them. The girls were sitting on the stool beside the counter mixing the flour.
  • Ronald smiled as he walked towards them. He kissed the girls on their cheek which made them smile and went ahead to do the same to Raina. But this time, he gave her a quick kiss on her lips which made her blush a little. She still hasn't gotten used to him kissing her and she still finds herself a little bit shy around him.
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