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Chapter 17

  • Melinda had been avoiding her driver, Alexander, for almost a week now. She was so embarrassed about what happened between them the last time and could not even bring herself to look him in the eye. Melinda's mind kept on flashing back to that night but she kept on convincing herself that it was a mistake that never should have happened as they were both caught up in that moment.
  • Melinda was attracted to Alexander from the very first day he was hired as her driver. She just shrugged it off thinking it was a short-term crush that would not last for more than a week.
  • Unfortunately, seven days became weeks and weeks became months and Mel came to realize that, the more she was pushing Alexander away, the more she was falling for him. But she refused to give in to the attraction.
  • Even though Alexander feels the same way and has made several approaches towards Melinda, She still refuses to admit what she feels for him. Alexander knew Mel was very much attracted to him as he was attracted to her.
  • After the long-heated-passionate kiss they shared the other night, Melinda had been trying all her best to stay away from Alexander. When Alex picks her up in the morning from her Apartment to drive her to work, She always ignores him, pretending to be busy with work, typing away on her laptop, and sometimes she might be on a call throughout the whole ride to her office. She does that just to avoid making any conversation with him.
  • To make things worse, Melinda had been receiving text messages from him which of course she had been ignoring. Alexander was really making her feel what she does not want to feel and she was not comfortable with it.
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