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Chapter 47

  • "So what did you girls do at Grandma's place?" Raina asked Alexa and Adrie as she helped them put on their pajamas. They arrived from Magda's place not long ago.
  • "We ate a lot of chocolates." Adrie smiled, knowing Raina would not have allowed them to eat that amount of chocolates.
  • "Grandma took us to the park and also to a birthday party," Alexa said.
  • "Aunty Elena came to visit us at Grandma's place too." She added and Adrie nodded.
  • Raina knew her babies had lots of fun with their Grandma. So did her and Ronald. She blushed as soon as she remembered all that they did during the weekend.
  • "Is anything the matter Raina? Your cheeks are turning red." Alexa asked.
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