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Chapter 11

  • Finally, Sophia Adoria Tennon clocks 5 today and she will be having a home party; A princess-themed party. It was hard for Sophia to fall asleep yesterday night as she was so excited for today.
  • Gabby moved in with Terrence and Sophie two weeks after he asked her to move in with them. They now live together as a loving family connected by hearts. Sophie was now so fond of Gabby that Terrence sometimes gets jealous of Gabby getting all the attention he used to. But Terrence was over the moon. His girls were his life; nothing could be more fulfilling than having those you love most staying with you.
  • "Morning my love," Terrence kissed Gabby on her forehead.
  • "Morning," She replied, kissing him on the cheek.
  • "Shouldn't we go wake up the birthday girl now?" She asked.
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