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Chapter 57

  • Sangavi Pov
  • The only noise that prevailed in the darkroom was the sound of the door creaking behind me as it closed and I looked back to see from the small glass panel that he was right there waiting for me. The amount of confidence that grew in me just by seeing how he stood there waiting for me made me look back at the woman who sat there on the chair.
  • Dark circles under her eyes, her hair tied up roughly and her face looked thin as if she had not eaten from days. Her eyes seemed dead, void of any emotions and she sat there in the prisoner orange-colored jumpsuit. The two officers right behind her and I saw how her hands were handcuffed. She looked at my direction and I stopped in my tracks for a second, carefully looking at the person who had ruined my whole life and killed my parents.
  • “When is the date?” I heard her timid voice as I watched as her eyes fell on my stomach and immediately my hands went over my belly as a protective instinct for my baby.
  • “Soon,” I told her and she nodded as her eyes still remained fixated on my belly and I took a seat before her wanting to hide my baby and this time she smiled looking down at her thigh shaking her head.
  • “I am sitting right before you, handcuffed, what possibly I could do to harm you and your baby?” she asked as I looked back at the officers who looked down at her, narrowing her eyes.
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