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Chapter 25

  • "Can you help?" Eden asked as he gave me some photos and I looked at it nodding. There it was. I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw them after so many years. Never would I had ever thought that I would be seeing their faces in photographs.
  • "This is my mother," I said as my voice croaked at the end. My finger trailed over the picture in which my mother stood at the end of a dock smiling at the camera. The other picture consists of a group of young people and there she was holding a kid on her hand.
  • "This is me," I smiled as a lone tear fell down my cheek and I sniffed wiping the tear off my face.
  • "This is hilarious," I laughed bitterly.
  • "Never would I had ever imagined that I would ever get to see her again and like this. There was another picture and there I saw my father and my mother together before a house. There was another couple and as the lady told me, I understood they were her son and her daughter-in-law.
  • Finally, I was able to understand what happened to me and how I remembered the lady. She was our neighbor when I was a kid and used to go to her place. One day we all went out together on a boat and the boat sank. Her daughter-in-law and my parents died in that accident and they thought I was dead. But as I look the total reflection of my mother, she understood that it was me and she contacted Eden wanting to meet me.
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