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Chapter 40

  • The wind blew past me and my hair waved in front of my eyes as I pushed the strands of my loose hair behind my ear. The leaves shattered on the ground and I watched as the sweeper swept them to one corner. The weather was pleasantly nice as I stood under the shadow of the tree looking at my university. It was lunchtime and students scattered away searching for food or their best buddies while I chose to stand to have some time to myself.
  • It’s been four months since I traveled to Paris, leaving US.
  • I could barely get over his face and that voice. That look in his eyes, that plead and that sincerity. I clutched my books tightly. My turquoise dress fluttered with the wind and I adjusted them down as I took in a deep sigh.
  • I thought it would be so easy to forget him but it’s just impossible for me to do so. I asked him, pleaded him to forget about me but he told me that he can’t and he will be waiting.
  • I postponed my ticket to Paris while I was in the hospital and scheduled it to one month later. As I got back to my apartment, I kept on limping to almost all places. The surgery was successful but I had got two bullets to one single leg. It was double the pain. Pushing Caleb away was not for my reason to travel Paris but I was scared if he got too much involved with me then the woman who was after me would get him and try to hurt him.
  • It was my decision to push him away because I couldn’t afford to lose one more of my dear ones. Caleb was special to me and if he got hurt because of me, I couldn’t have bear it. So, I stranded myself from him and refused to meet him. He didn’t give up and each time he came to my apartment, the barrier that I had built between us started to have cracks in them.
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