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Chapter 37

  • My eyes scanned through the list trying to recall if I had left anything. I was making a list of the things I needed and made up making a list. I am yet to let Caleb know that I was going to Paris in less than two weeks. I had no idea how he would react but he needed to know. Somehow, he made it in my life and I felt guilty for not letting him know about the decision. But I would tell him as soon as possible. In fact, I would let him know the next time he comes to my apartment.
  • Jenny didn't leave and is still in my apartment cooking me food even though I was perfectly fine now. I was more worried for Caleb since Jenny was with me. I told him that it was okay for Jenny to go back to his service but he straight forward refused and I was tired of arguing with him.
  • I had to buy a big luggage bag for packing. I was going to leave the USA and I had no idea even after completing my diploma, I would ever come back. Perhaps, I would get a job there or somewhere else and think of settling there. I had no one in the US except for my head nun who took care of me back in the orphanage. If I would ever come back to the US then I would definitely to meet.
  • I had to meet her before I left but that means, I had to travel twelve hours by bus to reach the orphanage. I had so many work to do. So, I got ready, picking up the list as I made my way to the door.
  • "Are you going somewhere? What about lunch?" Jenny asked as she walked to me from the kitchen.
  • "I am going out for shopping. You can have the lunch," I smiled at her and turned to leave.
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