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Chapter 26

  • Its been a whole week and I couldn't have a talk to Caleb. He was always angry or would be working late. He would go early and come back late. He would avoid me and I had the feeling that he had been purposely ignoring me.
  • I got ready for a party I was going to attend as a secretary with Caleb. Finally, I was getting some time to be with him and I would find the right time to ask him what has been he up to.
  • I wore a dark green colored gown with a slit on my left leg. The front of the dress had a low cut and it was backless. I wore it matching it up with a silver stiletto and made my way out as I waited for Caleb.
  • "He is in the limo, waiting for you," Jenny told me and again I found myself shocked for him leaving me behind. I had shrugged his rage thinking it was related to his work but as time passed and I saw him behaving like this, I had subtle feeling that perhaps he was angry on me.
  • But what did I do to make him angry?
  • As I made my way to the elevator, I pressed the button and waited for the elevator to descend down. The elevator had a mirror and I saw my reflection. My eye make up was minimal but I went up with a bold red lipstick which suited my skin. My hair was down and rolled at the end. I looked nice, well I hoped so.
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