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Chapter 15

  • So tell me what you really want.
  • Sangavi Pov
  • As I braided my hair into a fish tail, I couldn't help but think about what I did with Caleb. My mind keeps on drifting back to the fact that I slapped him. It was totally unintentional. I never wanted to hit him but he shouldn't have tried to kiss me when I clearly didn't want to.
  • I sighed as I looked at myself into the mirror. I was wearing my cream Blouse and my black pencil skirt. I was getting ready for my work and I checked the time to find I have plenty of time left to reach the Office.
  • It's been a day since that day. Eden did called me few times wanting to know what happened after he left. I kept on changing the topic. And Caleb, he never even bothered to call me.
  • Judging the type of person he is, I know he might be very angry. Angry upon me. Because not only did I stopped him from kissing me but also slapped him. And this might have seriously affected his ego. He must be feeling rejected and for that I know he must be thinking of ways to make my life a living hell. Once again.
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