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Chapter 33

  • The beeping of my phone got my attention as I picked it up to check that they have received the fee. It was a confirmation message from the university letting me know that the fees were paid on time. Only two weeks left until I fly off to Paris.
  • My face instantly brightened up thinking about that as I got up from the bed and combed my hair. I saw that there were split ends and they looked pretty dull. Probably the stress made them like that. I mentally made up a note to get my hair done before leaving for Paris.
  • Tying my hair up into a bun, I walked out of my room and fetched the red nail paint wanting to paint my toenails. It took me some minutes to apply the paint when I heard the doorbell.
  • “Coming!”
  • I got up from my place and made my way to the door looking through the peephole to find a delivery boy.
  • “Yes?” I asked as I opened the door and he smiled handing me a bouquet.
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