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Chapter 35

  • My eyes felt light and it fluttered open, only to stare at a white ceiling and sounds of people chatting.
  • "Sang?" I heard my name being called and looked to my side to find Caleb looking down at me with worry in his face.
  • "Sang are you alright now?" he asked and held my hand as I nodded. He took my hand to his mouth and kissed it softly. I saw his eyes were red as if he was crying.
  • "What happened? Where am I?" I found myself asking with a croaked voice and he brought a glass of water to my mouth as he held my head and made me drink some from the glass. The chill water instantly, replenishing my dry throat.
  • "You are in the hospital. I brought you here after you collapsed near the door. Sang, you were poisoned. What did you do?" he asked and that instantly got my attention as I sat up not bothering about the IV drips.
  • "What?" I managed to say and looked around. Sure enough, I was in a hospital room and I looked at my clothes which were turned to a hospital gown.
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