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Chapter 36

  • There was an awkward silence as we stood in the elevator for my floor. No matter how much I told him to leave me alone, he didn't. He insisted on staying with me even after I was discharged from the hospital and drove me back to my apartment. I looked down to see him holding my bag, which he had brought to the hospital for me. He has been so good to me, took care of me that I was already questioning my sanity. I had no idea, how long I will be able to be mad at him.
  • "It's alright. I think you should go back now. You need to rest as well," I told him as I took my bag from him and he looked up at me. He has been skipping work and made sure to stay with me even though Matt was still there to protect me.
  • "I will go but-" he said as he opened the door to my apartment only to reveal Jenny smiling at me.
  • "Jenny?" I said confused as to why she was in my apartment.
  • "You have to keep her in your apartment. She will do the house chores and make your food," Caleb said and Jenny nodded while I heaved a sigh.
  • "Caleb, you don't need to. I am perfectly fine now. I can do eve-"
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